[astropark] VWAP Crosses [strategy]

Dear Followers,

today a new Swing and Scalping Strategy based on WVAP, mainly designed for Bitcoin and High-Cap Cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum . It works also on Forex and Stocks.
It works great since 15m and above till 1D. I suggest you to use it on 15m, 30m or 1h timeframes.

VWAP or "Volume Weighted Average Price" is a volume-based indicator similar to a moving average.
This trading indicator is used to identify market resistance and support levels and is represented as a weighted average price for the treaded volumes.

My strategy will help you identify main support-resistance level to be careful of and it will trigger a buy or a sell depending on how price will intereact with vwaps.
  • green means we are in a bullish trend , in fact it start with a "buy" signal
  • red means we are in a bearish trend , in fact it start with a "sell" signal
  • blue means we are in a moment where trend may change, so be careful and always remember that taking profits is awesome and have a stoploss is a must in trading

The user who wants to use this strategy, especially via an automated bot, must always set a stoploss (example 150$ from entry on bitcoin ) or use a proper risk management strategy.
This is not the "Holy Grail", so use it with caution. It's highly suggested to use a proper money management.

This script will let you backtest this script and check profitability on your preferred market.
The alarms version of this indicator, which will let you set all notifications you may need in order to be alerted on each triggered signals, can be found by searching for astropark "VWAP Crosses"

This is a premium indicator, so send me a private message in order to get access to this script.
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Hi, I don't have enough reputation to send you a DM, I'd like to backtest the strategy though.

Could you please share the access?

Thank you in advance.
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astropark KostasZhukov
Hi @KostasZhukov,
please check private DM chat
Hi sir
Pls share your best strategy
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astropark suryvihan
Hi @suryvihan,
thank you for your comment, please write me a direct private message and let me know what indicator are you most interested in, what do you trade and what timeframe.
-- astropark
suryvihan astropark
Dear sir
I am interested in vwap crossover strategy
I worked in Banknifty 15 minute strategy.
Pls help us.
astropark suryvihan
hi @suryvihan,
please check direct private message
Hallo sir,
Please share VWAP crosses strategy in timeframe 15m