AUDNZD: Pullback Trading Tool R5-65 by JustUncleL
25 0 3
Pullback Trading Tool R5-65 by JustUncleL

By request this is an updated version of the "PullBack Trading Tool": removes experimental "OCC" channel, added option to display ribbons or just single moving average lines, added alert arrows for "PB" exits, added alertcondition for TV alarm subsystem, added some extract options for Pivot points and general cleanup of code. Description: This project ...

EURGBP: RSI5 Multiple Time Frame Overbought Oversold Indicator
32 0 1
RSI5 Multiple Time Frame Overbought Oversold Indicator

Created by Andrew Palladino. Modified: 04/01/2017 Checks overbought or oversold conditions across 5 time frames. If Time frame 1, 2 and 3 are all overbought then bar color changes to red If Time frame 1, 2 and 3 are all oversold then bar color changes to green If Time frame 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are all overbought then a vertical red line is added to the plot ...

ES1!: Advance/Decline Volume Line
45 0 2
Advance/Decline Volume Line

The Advancing-Declining Volume Line (AD Volume Line) is a breadth indicator based on Net Advancing Volume, which is the volume of advancing stocks less the volume of declining stocks. Net Advancing Volume is positive when advancing volume exceeds declining volume and negative when declining volume exceeds advancing volume. The AD Volume Line is a ...

USDJPY: Kojirokousi Stochastics V1
138 0 8
Kojirokousi Stochastics V1

Kojirokousi Stochastics V1

USDJPY: Spartan Trader FX Indicator
239 0 15
Spartan Trader FX Indicator

Unofficial (I am not affiliated to in any way) combo indicator providing all the indicators needed for their trading system (default coloring as presented in the materials): EMA 12 line EMA 36 line EMA 200 line EMA 633 line EMA 200 and EMA 633 volatility zone EMA 12/36 crossover arrows heiken ashi color overlay(helpful when trying to see ...

55 0 8


63 0 5

CMO over HMA

GBPAUD: Valtha Buy and Sell Signal update
2755 149 240
Valtha Buy and Sell Signal update

win 84% to 92% plus when it said close entry order, wait till that candle closed. The previous Valtha Buy and Sell signal does not work properly and delay signals, so I update this strategy.

SPY: CM_Williams_Vix_Fix  Finds Market Bottoms
76811 175 11244
CM_Williams_Vix_Fix Finds Market Bottoms

Larry Williams Developed This Incredible Indicator. It Gives The Same Readings The VIX does for Stock Index’s…But This Indicator Works on All Asset Classes. I Customized The Settings Slightly To Create “Percentile” Based Highlight Bars…So You May Need To Adjust Slightly For Your Asset Class. These Are The Standard Settings Shown Here. Designed For Daily ...

NIFTY: Supertrend V1.0 - Buy or Sell Signal
69005 82 8351
Supertrend V1.0 - Buy or Sell Signal

Supertrend Indicator with Buy and Sell Indicators. Supertrend is quite a popular indicator. To know more about it check out the article below. 10 Things to know about Supertrend

BTCUSD: Squeeze Momentum Indicator [LazyBear]
123868 164 13662
Squeeze Momentum Indicator [LazyBear]

Fixed a typo in the code where BB multiplier was stuck at 1.5. Thanks @ucsgears for bringing it to my notice. Updated source: Use the updated source instead of the what TV shows below. This is a derivative of John Carter's "TTM Squeeze" volatility indicator, as discussed in his book "Mastering the Trade" (chapter 11). Black ...

EURUSD: Bollinger Awesome Alert R1 by JustUncleL
635 6 76
Bollinger Awesome Alert R1 by JustUncleL

This indicator is an implementation of the Bollinger Band and Awesome Oscillator Scalping system. This technique is for those who want the most simple method that is very effective. It is BEST traded during the busiest trading hours, 3am to 12am EST NY time. This method doesn't work in sideways markets, only in volatile trending markets. Time Frames: 1, 5, 10, ...

BTCUSD: Indicator: WaveTrend Oscillator [WT]
72892 94 9673
Indicator: WaveTrend Oscillator [WT]

WaveTrend Oscillator is a port of a famous TS/MT indicator. More info: When the oscillator is above the overbought band (red lines) and crosses down the signal (dotted line), it is usually a good SELL signal. Similarly, when the oscillator crosses above the signal when below the Oversold band (green lines), it is a good ...

USDCHF: testingforabinary
421 25 24


25573 47 4168

VDUB_BINARY_PRO_3_V2 - FINAL *stripped out a couple of things from V1 - found it was to noisy *added Baseline_VX1 *switch period channels around *zigzag Optional- set centre band to '34 to run centre line other indicators to include MACD_VX1 Stoch_VX3

EURUSD: Vdub Binary Options SniperVX  v1
87415 92 7537
Vdub Binary Options SniperVX v1

Vdub Binary Options SniperVX v1 Designed for Binary Options 60 sec trading upwards Notes on chart Please note the signal generated are configure to be super fast on candle opening. The down side to this is signals may switch direction mid stream. ITM candlesticks signals generated went 6/300 Losses on a 1 min chart. the blue line indicates reversal zones. Buy / ...

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