D Indicators - Intraday Tool

*Presenting a setup in which there is almost everything that an Intraday Trader needs.

1) Trend Indicators

# Both the trend indicators are multicolored.
# Very simple to Understand. Yellow means no trade zone, green - go long
, and red - go short.
# Trend Indicator 1 is an SMA(20). It will change its color according to the trend
of the market.
# Trend Indicator 2 will be plotted at the bottom of the screen. Based upon RSI
# Buy/Sell labels are synced with Trend Indicator 1. Wait for the close of the candle
to enter.

2) Pivot Points

# Plots Standard Pivots on the chart.
# Additional option for plotting Fibonacci pivots is also given.
# Plots standard pivots up to S5 and R5
# At the middle, it is pivot point (PP) level and multiple
support and resistance levels

3) Daily Range

# It plots 2 important levels at the starting of the day.
# 2 bands are plotted in the morning when the market opens,
resembling strong support/resistance zones.

4) Support/Resistance

# This indicator is used for finding support and resistance levels on charts.
# So one can plan Targets and SL accordingly
# Lines will change color automatically if any candle closes above the support/resistance line. It will change it's
to green. Similarly, it will change its color to red if the price is below the sup

5) CPR and CPR Next Day

# CPR is a very known indicator that indicates whether that helps in-stock selection.
# This is a very crucial indicator as it shows the CPR levels for the next day.
# One can make a guess by looking at the next day's CPR that whether the stock is going to be trendy/sideways the next day.
# Isn't it cool if you had some idea about tomorrow's behavior of the market's trend.


7) Major Intraday Indicators

# Plots label indicating the status of RSI and MACD.

8) Bollinger Bands

# The Upper and Lower Bands are used as a way to measure volatility
by observing the relationship between the Bands and price

9) First bar of the day

# Plots the high and low of the first candle.

10) Different buy/sell labels and EHMA for forex.

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D Indicators
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