Martyv Technical Analysis Kit

This indicator is being developed as a tool hopefully suited to both the beginner/amateur/hobbyist and possibly also the professional analyst/trader. The idea is that it would be a tool that can give you an instant ‘overview’ of a few different schools of measurement on any measurable asset. Makes for great training wheels or a primer for further analysis.

Out of the box settings will give you an AutoFib for the most recent low and high (with extension targets), a pair of commonly-used moving averages (50 SMA and 200 SMA ), RSI (and/or many other) divergences on the chart, and candles colored according to current trend (Blue = Bullish Control, Purple = Neutral/Coasting, Red = Bearish Control) and intensity according to volume (Darker = High Volume /Increasing, Lighter = Low Volume /Decreasing). For more advanced traders/analysts, almost all settings can be customized, with multiple options and additional features.

*There are a lot of settings. Shrug. Wink. I tried to bundle them together, however there are a few that I use quite often and placed them at the top for easy access. If you have any suggestions as to what's super useful in the top area, lmk. Happy trading! -E

-Places an AutoFib for the most recent low and high (with extension targets)
-You can choose to "contain price action" inside a 0-1 fib retrace, or allow extension targets to automatically be used (potentially useful within Harmonic Trading among other things)
-Uses the Fast/Medium/Slow (Default) global inputs for fib lookback period (Defaults to 8/21/34 at the time of this writing, can be changed in settings)
-Customizable fib levels, colors, and styles
-Can choose between AutoFib with manually defined levels or SmartFib with levels automatically calculated, including extensions as needed
--Choose between only using the most recent confirmed fib retrace, or the currently developing (non-confirmed) fib retrace - this will also contain price action within a 0-1 fib
--Adds fib extensions as needed, you can define extension levels
-Can change the lookback period and turn the visible Zig Zag and/or AutoFib on/off
-Can turn Logarithmic on/off in settings

-Can identify and mark divergences (regular and hidden) for MACD , MACD Histogram, RSI (Default), Stochastic (Default), CCI , Momentum, OBV, Diosc, VWmacd, and Chaikin Money Flow
-Can turn divergences on/off individually
-Can choose to show hidden divergence
-Uses the Fast/Medium/Slow global inputs (Defaults to 8/21/34 at the time of this writing, can be changed in settings)

Trend Channels
-Uses a Zig-Zag with a specified lookback period (can be changed in settings)
-Setting AutoFIb to a different lookback than Trend Channels yields interesting results imo
-Can turn channels on/off
-Can change the lookback period and turn the Zig Zag and/or Channels on/off

Trend Ribbon
-Uses the John F. Ehlers Supersmooth method on a specified lookback period (Default 14)
-Checks the current price action against the lookback period trend and if the Supersmooth signal aligns with the trend direction, it gives a strong signal (Bull/Bear). A continuation signal (Neutral) is given if these two don’t match, and often indicates trend continuation or trend reversal.
-Can turn supersmooth and/or matching bar repaint on/off
-Can choose between Bull/Bear/Neutral signals and only Bull/Bear signals
-Alerts available for Bullish or Bearish change
-Can choose current timeframe or any timeframe

Bar Repaint
-Candles colored according to current trend (Blue = Bullish Control, Purple = Neutral/Coasting, Red = Bearish Control) and intensity according to volume (Darker = High Volume /Increasing, Lighter = Low Volume /Decreasing). You can set candle color to reflect: Open/Close, Trend (Default), or an RSI Gradient. You can set candle intensity to reflect: Volume (Default), Momentum, RSI , or ADX .

Price Tag
-Price tag that sits neatly between the candles and the fib labels. You can turn this on or off.
Notas de Lançamento: Minor update to input options.
Notas de Lançamento: Bug fix: Some timeframes would break the script due to the amount of historical data needed for calculations. Should work noticeably better now.
Notas de Lançamento: Screenshot update.
Notas de Lançamento: v1.7 - Ichimoku Cloud Update
Ichimoku Cloud has been added! A very basic version is now included with the out-of-the-box build:

• Choose widely-used presets optimized for Crypto or Stocks, use the Global fast/medium/slow inputs, or use your own Custom inputs (Conversion, Base, Leading B, Lagging Span/chikou)
• You can toggle the entire Ichimoku Cloud in settings. By default, the cloud is turned on (set to Crypto) and the lagging span is turned off so you can get a sense of where we are in relation to things without adding too much mess. And then you have the option for the lagging chikou in settings if you so choose.

I do tend to get slightly confused when it comes to all the Ichimoku Cloud component names, so please let me know if I have any of them mixed up, or if anything looks amiss, etc.
Feedback has been great! Keep letting me know what features you’d like to see, what’s working for you, what needs fixing, etc. - most of your requests are already planned for future updates.

Cheers! Happy New Year everyone! -E
Notas de Lançamento: Screenshot update 🎉

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