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Empresas Americanas engaged in one sector: Electronic Technology

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Variação %
Volume Rel
Valor de mercado
EPS dil
Crescimento EPS dil.
12M Ano a Ano
Div. yield %
Classificação dos Analistas
AAOIApplied Optoelectronics, Inc.
14.08 USD−8.69%2.889M0.50540.645M USD−1.79 USD+24.78%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
AAPLApple Inc.
181.42 USD−0.66%48.839M0.952.801T USD28.236.43 USD+9.20%0.52%
Tendência de Alta
ACHRArcher Aviation Inc.
4.72 USD−1.67%9.186M1.571.42B USD−1.77 USD−59.73%0.00%
Alta forte
ADIAnalog Devices, Inc.
187.76 USD−0.69%1.774M0.4293.112B USD33.605.59 USD−15.64%1.82%
Tendência de Alta
ADNAdvent Technologies Holdings, Inc.
0.1900 USD−8.26%2.617M0.6813.781M USD−1.76 USD−153.00%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
ADTNADTRAN Holdings, Inc.
5.91 USD−5.29%1.046M1.43465.111M USD−3.19 USD−5716.21%5.77%
Tendência de Alta
AEHRAehr Test Systems
15.93 USD−3.69%595.481K0.45459.568M USD22.450.71 USD+65.37%0.00%
Alta forte
AEISAdvanced Energy Industries, Inc.
98.13 USD−0.71%134.736K0.523.663B USD28.873.40 USD−35.84%0.40%
Tendência de Alta
AEVAAeva Technologies, Inc.
0.9417 USD−2.44%701.917K0.72246.621M USD−0.67 USD−5.93%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
AIPArteris, Inc.
6.48 USD−1.52%98.217K0.32245.266M USD−1.03 USD−22.96%0.00%
Alta forte
66.37 USD+2.12%214.202K0.642.356B USD34.411.93 USD−24.45%0.00%
Alta forte
AIRGAirgain, Inc.
3.88 USD+0.13%5.774K0.5440.469M USD−0.99 USD+0.83%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
AIRIAir Industries Group
4.43 USD−8.28%26.533K3.5214.631M USD−0.98 USD−321.71%0.00%
Alta forte
AKTSAkoustis Technologies, Inc.
0.6187 USD−3.15%512.861K0.5161.006M USD−0.97 USD+10.12%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
ALGMAllegro MicroSystems, Inc.
30.79 USD−0.48%857.959K0.465.946B USD27.071.14 USD+45.47%0.00%
Alta forte
ALLTAllot Ltd.
2.08 USD+5.05%100.204K0.9979.572M USD−1.66 USD−91.41%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
ALOTAstroNova, Inc.
17.51 USD+0.40%5.615K0.64130.148M USD39.120.45 USD+526.01%0.00%
ALPPAlpine 4 Holdings, Inc.
0.7952 USD−12.62%101.639K0.5921.482M USD−0.83 USD−50.33%0.00%
AMBAAmbarella, Inc.
57.99 USD+0.05%1.628M2.862.334B USD−4.24 USD−148.81%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.
176.54 USD−0.82%35.822M0.60285.251B USD337.360.52 USD−40.86%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
AMKRAmkor Technology, Inc.
30.35 USD−0.52%609.023K0.807.463B USD20.841.46 USD−53.20%1.00%
Tendência de Alta
AMPGAmplitech Group, Inc.
1.93 USD+2.12%38.759K1.7418.696M USD−0.29 USD−7.75%0.00%
Alta forte
ANETArista Networks, Inc.
273.17 USD+0.46%1.168M0.3985.402B USD41.526.58 USD+53.80%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
AOSLAlpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited
21.66 USD−1.55%115.43K0.74612.51M USD−0.63 USD−123.07%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
APHAmphenol Corporation
108.35 USD+0.38%2.017M0.8964.994B USD34.883.11 USD+1.38%0.79%
Tendência de Alta
APWCAsia Pacific Wire & Cable Corporation Limited
1.36 USD+5.43%5.306K1.8728.038M USD0.00%
ARLOArlo Technologies, Inc.
9.96 USD+3.64%1.742M1.99942.501M USD−0.50 USD−4.91%0.00%
Alta forte
ARMArm Holdings plc
133.86 USD−2.96%9.61M0.31141.823B USD0.00%
Tendência de Alta
ARRYArray Technologies, Inc.
14.10 USD+3.37%17.904M3.022.132B USD26.210.54 USD0.00%
Tendência de Alta
ASMLASML Holding N.V. - New York Registry Shares
939.50 USD−0.20%518.671K0.49376.193B USD43.6921.50 USD+46.11%0.58%
Tendência de Alta
ASNSActelis Networks, Inc.
1.15 USD−0.81%13.056K0.973.098M USD−3.67 USD0.00%
ASTCAstrotech Corporation
7.68 USD−0.80%4.535K1.2913.066M USD−6.25 USD−11.85%0.00%
ASTIAscent Solar Technologies, Inc
0.4450 USD−2.60%942.543K0.401.688M USD−58.14 USD+56.38%0.00%
ASTRAstra Space, Inc.
1.53 USD−12.32%401.506K2.1434.676M USD−7.37 USD+68.94%0.00%
ASXASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd.
9.53 USD−0.73%4.179M0.6618.797B USD20.610.46 USD−51.08%4.42%
ATROAstronics Corporation
19.51 USD+0.77%207.277K1.70662.33M USD−1.23 USD−44.29%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
AUDCAudioCodes Ltd.
13.26 USD−0.08%58.176K0.79404.52M USD47.360.28 USD−68.00%2.71%
Tendência Neutra
AUIDauthID Inc.
9.26 USD−6.28%21.731K0.9687.507M USD−21.25 USD−151.61%0.00%
AVAVAeroVironment, Inc.
126.61 USD−0.19%207.818K0.973.562B USD−4.83 USD−1435.58%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
AVGOBroadcom Inc.
1289.42 USD−0.53%1.093M0.45603.63B USD39.1532.94 USD+25.65%1.47%
Tendência de Alta
AVNWAviat Networks, Inc.
35.03 USD−0.85%103.199K0.82439.531M USD27.731.26 USD+8.32%0.00%
Alta forte
AXONAxon Enterprise, Inc.
309.22 USD+13.76%2.658M7.4723.171B USD134.042.31 USD+13.61%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
4.82 USD−10.24%1.678M0.15210.366M USD−0.42 USD−215.44%0.00%
Alta forte
BABoeing Company (The)
207.00 USD+2.78%9.576M1.65126.298B USD−3.67 USD+55.78%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
BELFABel Fuse Inc.
58.79 USD−0.66%5.48K0.39667.14M USD11.545.09 USD+36.66%0.41%
Alta forte
BELFBBel Fuse Inc.
50.32 USD−1.81%143.447K0.58659.379M USD8.505.92 USD+37.42%0.55%
Alta forte
BHEBenchmark Electronics, Inc.
29.97 USD−1.15%203.227K0.871.069B USD16.681.80 USD−6.65%2.18%
Alta forte
BKTIBK Technologies Corporation
11.76 USD−0.26%1.863K0.7740.633M USD−1.02 USD+68.49%0.00%
Alta forte
BLZEBackblaze, Inc.
10.93 USD+1.67%651.347K0.62410.968M USD−1.65 USD−0.98%0.00%
Alta forte
BOSCB.O.S. Better Online Solutions
2.81 USD+0.97%1.498K0.2016.123M USD7.720.36 USD+135.89%0.00%
BOXLBoxlight Corporation
0.8000 USD+0.76%16.883K0.497.689M USD−2.62 USD−93.62%0.00%
Alta forte
BURUNuburu, Inc.
0.1500 USD+2.53%101.918K0.235.534M USD−0.51 USD−302.05%0.00%
BWBabcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc.
1.23 USD−4.65%858.942K0.78109.927M USD−1.61 USD−951.17%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
BWXTBWX Technologies, Inc.
100.77 USD+12.87%1.698M2.849.222B USD37.662.68 USD+2.99%1.03%
Tendência de Alta
BYRNByrna Technologies, Inc.
12.03 USD+0.25%97.459K0.39264.684M USD−0.37 USD−9.30%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CALXCalix, Inc
34.86 USD+0.61%442.119K0.722.28B USD77.040.45 USD−23.83%0.00%
Alta forte
CAMPCalAmp Corp.
3.07 USD−6.69%62.644K0.385.072M USD−62.55 USD−190.13%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
CAMTCamtek Ltd.
80.59 USD+0.10%294.202K0.453.619B USD50.031.61 USD−2.81%0.00%
Alta forte
CANCanaan Inc.
1.85 USD+5.71%31.542M1.04299.331M USD−2.40 USD−484.92%0.00%
Alta forte
CDRECadre Holdings, Inc.
35.86 USD−1.91%168.94K1.121.348B USD38.070.94 USD+1006.93%0.88%
Tendência de Alta
CETXCemtrex Inc.
3.74 USD+9.68%34.55K1.443.948M USD−4.29 USD+74.74%0.00%
Alta forte
22.14 USD+1.10%140.012K0.70521.643M USD−0.51 USD+49.07%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CGNXCognex Corporation
38.16 USD−1.27%1.378M0.516.55B USD58.480.65 USD−47.08%0.74%
Tendência Neutra
CIENCiena Corporation
56.62 USD+0.86%1.53M0.878.21B USD33.141.71 USD+70.12%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CLFDClearfield, Inc.
30.05 USD−1.60%155.769K0.96441.935M USD35.290.85 USD−77.59%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CLSCelestica, Inc.
41.15 USD−1.46%1.134M0.514.895B USD19.812.08 USD+82.53%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CLWTEuro Tech Holdings Company Limited
1.41 USD+0.71%3.496K0.0711.139M USD36.620.04 USD−36.89%0.00%
CMTLComtech Telecommunications Corp.
6.51 USD+1.56%150.451K0.60185.359M USD−0.87 USD+48.07%1.56%
Tendência de Alta
CODACoda Octopus Group, Inc.
5.65 USD−0.70%8.866K0.4463.079M USD20.550.28 USD−27.73%0.00%
Alta forte
COHRCoherent Corp.
57.97 USD−0.09%1.081M0.498.801B USD−2.81 USD−340.56%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
COHUCohu, Inc.
31.50 USD−1.72%225.426K0.751.483B USD53.880.58 USD−70.55%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
COMMCommScope Holding Company, Inc.
1.85 USD−5.61%2.582M1.27392.308M USD−9.98 USD−534.31%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
CPTNCepton, Inc.
2.67 USD−0.07%11.789K0.7242.311M USD−3.53 USD−192.12%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
CRCrane Company
123.42 USD+0.06%197.798K0.857.039B USD33.533.68 USD−49.93%0.44%
Tendência de Alta
CRNTCeragon Networks Ltd.
2.94 USD−1.67%404.351K0.42248.113M USD40.330.07 USD0.00%
Alta forte
CRUSCirrus Logic, Inc.
89.83 USD−1.61%382.414K0.764.845B USD28.623.14 USD−44.73%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CSIQCanadian Solar Inc.
20.83 USD−3.56%769.362K0.891.346B USD4.194.97 USD+84.10%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CTSCTS Corporation
44.60 USD+0.90%91.776K0.711.373B USD23.281.92 USD+3.53%0.36%
Tendência Neutra
CVUCPI Aerostructures, Inc.
2.58 USD+0.33%10.043K0.4032.676M USD3.470.74 USD+389.59%0.00%
CVVCVD Equipment Corporation
4.93 USD+3.39%14.8K1.9433.655M USD−0.05 USD+88.27%0.00%
CWCurtiss-Wright Corporation
235.50 USD−0.22%204.362K1.078.999B USD25.609.20 USD+20.79%0.33%
Alta forte
DBDDiebold Nixdorf Incorporated
32.61 USD−3.23%130.115K0.641.225B USD0.6947.28 USD0.00%
Tendência de Alta
DCFCTritium DCFC Limited
0.1430 USD−1.45%1.871M0.5528.839M USD−0.83 USD0.00%
DCODucommun Incorporated
48.38 USD+0.21%79.891K0.87708.339M USD42.121.15 USD−50.68%0.00%
Alta forte
DELLDell Technologies Inc.
93.25 USD+1.85%5.883M1.1665.866B USD25.823.61 USD+51.54%1.62%
Tendência de Alta
DGIIDigi International Inc.
29.15 USD−1.52%101.523K0.611.057B USD67.620.43 USD−34.68%0.00%
Alta forte
DIODDiodes Incorporated
67.44 USD−1.24%189.498K0.613.098B USD13.724.91 USD−31.83%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
DMDesktop Metal, Inc.
0.5747 USD−0.88%3.303M0.89186.626M USD−1.44 USD+10.45%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
DRSLeonardo DRS, Inc.
22.50 USD−1.88%1.204M1.615.903B USD35.390.64 USD−75.77%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
DTSSDatasea Inc.
7.63 USD−4.03%91.758K0.0119.367M USD−0.35 USD−40.71%0.00%
1.42 USD−1.39%56.185K0.3245.613M USD0.00%
Alta forte
EBONEbang International Holdings Inc.
12.58 USD+21.90%336.293K7.0482.323M USD−6.65 USD0.00%
ELSEElectro-Sensors, Inc.
4.08 USD+0.87%2950.1613.986M USD39.920.10 USD+5010.00%0.00%
ELTKEltek Ltd.
13.21 USD−3.01%104.751K0.4388.423M USD13.420.98 USD−7.43%1.62%
EMKREMCORE Corporation
0.4200 USD−4.52%370.955K0.2432.475M USD−1.29 USD−25.54%0.00%
Alta forte
EMREmerson Electric Company
105.56 USD−0.54%2.097M0.7060.349B USD146.370.72 USD−77.11%1.96%
Tendência de Alta
ENPHEnphase Energy, Inc.
119.10 USD−1.66%2.894M0.7316.169B USD38.853.07 USD+11.42%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
5.42 USD−1.63%17.173M1.0618.215B USD−0.73 USD−233.27%3.03%
Tendência Neutra
ERJEmbraer S.A.
19.25 USD+1.58%1.874M1.993.485B USD−0.03 USD−137.04%0.00%
Alta forte
ESEESCO Technologies Inc.
101.55 USD+0.08%120.044K0.902.62B USD28.243.60 USD+9.26%0.32%
Tendência de Alta