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Many Bulls Are About to Get Killed !! Big Fall Coming !

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin/Dólar Americano
Most People did not believe it would happen, and still don't.

So, is BTCUSD really going down?

Moving Water has 2 targets left to hit, as posted on related chart below.

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Moving Water

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STOP LOSS: is something everybody should use, everything is possible in this market. But, that's a responsibility a person should have with their money, I don't have the influence on that.

I strongly advise, you to use a stop loss. In this crazy world everything is possible, even a sudden going to 0.
Ex: If there is a world war.
So, try to catch the waves, but with a secure area, and limit your risks, considering a loss you can afford.

For MORE INFORMATION check Related Charts below.

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Good Luck and Good Profit.

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Comentário: Next 2 targets:

Comentário: Already hit $ 7987.
Comentário: this is it going down..
Comentário: just broke it!
Trade ativo: Could the M.W. (Moving Water) already be inside the MATRIX ?

I can see...
Comentário: One of the aspects of the M.W. (moving water) view, as you can see there are price's waves on those channels, that helps us understand the market flow.
Trade ativo: As the tsunami approaches water is drawn back from the beach to effectively help feed the wave. In a tide the wave is so long that this happens slowly, over a few hours. In a short small ‘wind wave’ we see it happening every few seconds as we dodge waves on the beach. A tsunami is short enough to have a rapid effect, in minutes, but long enough to carry enormous energy.

Moving Water
Comentário: BTC on 3 - could have a little bull trap like this:

Comentário: bigger picture..

Comentário: So, I have to share something for everybody:

Market never happens at once, there will be always a flow. When I spot a fall, it does not mean it will fall forever, or that it will fall at that exact moment.

It is not a buy or sell signal. What I am posting here is just the tendency of the market, from what I see, but I am just trying to understand the market, not giving any service or advice to trade.

After I posted going down, it did go to $ 7930, but I did not mean it would go all the way to $ 6900 at once.

At this moment, I am NOT offering buy and sell signals, you need to do your own research when placing your orders and stop loss.

Good Luck and Good Profit.

Moving Water
Comentário: Box Formation ?

Comentário: 2 BOX ?

Trade ativo: This is not the bottom for the Big Fall.

Trade ativo: Just broke DOWN $ 7800

Comentário: Hi,

Big Bounce areas should be around $ 6900 and $ 5800.

Good Luck and Good Profit.
Trade ativo: Check your chart.

Just broke DOWN $ 7500
Comentário: It is sad, But all I can see now, is Blood and Dead Bulls behind.
Trade ativo: check your chart

Trade ativo


Thanks moving water :)
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MovingWater oilyprata
@oilyprata, thank you for the support.

Good Luck and Good Profit.
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what happened to big fall?
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pale81 ForexCryptoA
@ForexCryptoA, falls in the other direction :)
UmairEjaz ForexCryptoA
@ForexCryptoA, he is biased bear what can you expect? bears will always be wrong when we are moving up same goes for the biased bulls they will be wrong and silent when we are going down. because they dont know TA properly they only predict one direction with more accuracy. so yeah mr lemosedmirf is good at predicting downfalls but not the runups
samiswilf ForexCryptoA
@ForexCryptoA, are you into stock? Or just crypto and forex?
AntonAntonio ForexCryptoA
@ForexCryptoA, patience is a key)
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Hi, what is the importance of the box or boxes?
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samiswilf AriGatoMistarobato
@AriGatoMistarobato, I'd like to know that too
MovingWater AriGatoMistarobato
@AriGatoMistarobato, hi, thank you for your comment. good question.

it sets an important price range.
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