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BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dólar
Hello Followers!

Spotted another wave down!

What could be the bottom?

Will ETH/USD go to Zero?

Share your idea!
Following your Chart Idea, ETH would fall very hard from 131u$S ( right now) becouse is touching your black downtrend line and reach 5X $ in 1 month.

The 1 minute view ( the only true of this manipullited market ) shows we go up. Is your MovingWater philosophy VS my WHale parasite 1 minute view Philosophy.

I say ETH continue go up and will cross your black line.

Andd... I have to say,,, I am not master, I dont charge nothing for give profitable signals.

Well, Time to the time.
you are wrong. ETH like most alts are not in falling wedge anymore, this is just accumulation phase now. You will miss the train if you wait for 50$ . Here is proof:
@Zenter, respectfully, based on what besides a chart? This is a bubble bursting, had it popped completely? If so, then your view is valid... but A. what makes you think this is done, B. Why would be done when garbage like Tron and Doge still have massive market caps? Until the market purges the garbage we have not seen bottom. The history of bubbles, the bubble cycle, and the psychology within is as relevant as any chart
Karonte GustavoBrucestavo
@GustavoBrucestavo, cos there are several resistances already broken, and the price has already more than a year on downtrend, those tokns or alts exist cos there are too many "bitcoin cents" on every bitcoin, otherwise too many of them would dissapear already
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