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BTC- Bad News Spreading - 5th Target on the Corner - 5k Possible

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Hi, Followers and Friends !!

I am very Happy, I have achieved my main goal so far:

I Have Saved Some People !! and I open with a quote:

"you are really doing something very important!! i am following you 2 month now. and i start applying your advices since a month. could not be happier to protect my small capital from loses at this stage of the market. THANK YOU AND WAITING TO BE YOUR STUDENT."


1=> BE ABLE TO NOT LOSE MONEY (Not falling on Traps and getting out if analysis does not work, before loss happens)
2=> MAKE SOME PROFIT (Getting on the Wave at the very beginning with some risk but with 70% or more Probability.)

For Those Who Read All My Charts, you already know many Traps Types that 95% of traders fall in, and lose everything.

Once we learn to not lose money, we can start to learn how to trade with some confidence to make some money.

About BTC = It is still Bearish Trend , still has room for more fall, even further from my final target $ 5730.

Moving Water Spotted a possible drop to 5k.

Analysis is not finished yet, but Stay Tuned it is not out of the question.

Let's Be a Team

I Know all of my Followers Will Also help me some day and be able to share something I need to learn.

I really Like what I am doing and I hope WE CAN WORK TOGETHER and CREATE AN ELITE CRYPTO GROUP with serious and hard work traders.



Good Luck and Good Profit

=> DON'T LOSE: Remember This is Very Dangerous Market so try to not Lose All Your Money on This, and You can already call yourself a winner:

Beginners: Don't Trade (Bullish/Bearish) Market - Don't Trade Bull Trap - Don't Borrow Money
Intermediate : Trade Bullish Market Only (Low Risk) - Don't Short - Don't Borrow Money
Advanced: Trade Bullish or Bearish Market ( Low Risk) - Don't Trade Bull Trap - Don't Borrow Money
Experienced: Trade Bullish or Bearish Market ( Medium Risk) - Trade Bull Trap (Low Risk) - Borrow Some Money
Top: Trade Bullish or Bearish Market (High Risk - Big Money) - Trade Bull Trap (High Risk) - Borrow Some Money

Follow This and the Risk of Losing Everything Falls to 90%.
=> MARKET FLOW: Market never happens at once, there will always be many moves inside the waves if you look close enough.
When I spot a Trend and post it here, it does not mean it will go at once, or at that exact moment I post. These Charts I post are Medium/Long Term - so takes weeks/months to complete.

=> CHARTS = (MEDIUM/LONG) TERM - Please Don't Be Confused (Takes weeks/months to Complete)
=> PLACING ORDERS: At this moment, I am NOT offering buy and sell signals, you need to Do Your Own Research when Placing Your Orders and Stop Loss.

=> STOP LOSS: That's a responsibility a person should have with their own money, I don't have the influence on that. I strongly advise you to use a stop loss. Try to catch the waves, but with a secure area, and limit your risks, considering a loss you can afford.
=> MORE INFORMATION: check Related Ideas Below.

=> PLESE: Comment, Suggest better ideas, Ask questions inbox, Help me improve,
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Jun 15
Jun 15
Jun 15
Comentário: possible bounce area. stay tuned.
Jun 16
Comentário: Testing Strong Support Areas => Bounce?

Great call man - once again! Forget Excavo, DLavrov and all the other names - the only one getting it right at the moment is you!
Hello master, do we still see bitcoin below 6k or the bullish run has started? I want to buy some at around 6k. Is there any posibility it will fall from this level? Following your analysis as guidance i have still not bought it and waiting for it to touch 6k. Thanking you in anticipation. Regards
Now look like H&S! maybe we will have some bounce to 7k, than go to 5k? What does the mobile water say,Sir?
you are saying bad news based on 2 random articles? shows much you do not know
Down then we recover

Waiting for this small H&S to fall to a more comfortable accumulation zone.
Have a fun read here and 'follow' along:
Glad i stumbled upon your chart, so much great advice in one post. Following and staying tuned!
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