Crypto Wise 4h ETH Trading Script with Alerts

ETH is very volatile, and that's what makes this script great: Being able to catch the next Move Up or Down.

No repainting.

Better to be used on a 4hr Chart.

No indicator is perfect, but when it gets integrated into a great strategy, and used together with other indicators like the Stoch RSI , you can easily make great trades.

You can get access to the script for $20 / month. Payments accepted in BTC , ETH, LTC, BCH.

72hr Trial given upon request.
Notas de Lançamento: Fixed Issue with alerts.
Notas de Lançamento: I Call it the Bottom Catcher
Notas de Lançamento: Another great call of tops and bottoms! Able to generate a total of $60 ETH moves over the past week.
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Hey can I get a trial 72hr access please? Thanks.
Can I get access please?
Greetings, may i get a trial please? thx in advance.
wisecrypto Behrouziliu
@Behrouziliu, just added you
Hi, can I get a trial? Tnx
wisecrypto LjBabic
@LjBabic, Just added you.
hello, can i try it?
wisecrypto andrsted
@andrsted, Just added you.
Can I get a trail
wisecrypto J114YER
@J114YER, Just added you.
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