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Aqua Flow Chart by Angel Algo

Aqua flow chart (AFC) is a new chart type that not only displays price in an efficient way but also performs statistical analysis of price moves. It filters out noise and shows buy and sell signals.
Signals generated by AFC often are leading ones. This means they allow to forecast future movement of the price before it begins.

How does it work?

AFC does not show open and close for each bar, it only shows the price range of the bar i.e. its diapason between the high and the low. The reason is, that most types of orders including SL and TP are being executed on price touch. So, in terms of triggering orders the price range of the bar is the only thing that matters.

For each bar AFC measures the price move within this bar (current close minus previous close) and compares it to the mean price movement within one bar for this time frame. If it is significantly higher than the mean movement and exceeds it by a certain number of standard deviations specified in the Threshold parameter, then the range of this bar is being colored as red or green, depending on the direction of the price movement in this bar. If the movement of the price is less than the threshold value the bar’s range is colored in blue.

Financial analysts call bars in which the price movement is higher than the mean price movement for this time frame by N standard deviations N-sigma moves. You can see 1-2-sigma moves quite often. More than 5-sigma moves are extremely rare and correspond to market shocks caused by some unexpected news and events.

In terms of this financial jargon you can think of Threshold parameter of AFC as of number of sigma that a price move of a bar should exceed for this bar to be colored in green or red.

Higher sigma moves in most cases carry some information cause they statistically can not be described by a some sort of market noise. There are evidences that if a high sigma move occurs it may be a leading predictor for the future trend.

If you set Threshold parameter to be equal or more than 1.5 then you can consider the red and green colored bars to be buy and sell signals. The greater value you set for the Threshold parameter the stronger will these signals be, but at the same time they will occur more rarely.

The default value for the Threshold parameter is 1.5 which works good for many markets. You can adjust the value of this parameter to find the optimal sensitivity for the signals. You can set the values from the range 1-7. The less the value is the more colored bars you get, but the less strong are the signals given by these bars.

Please drop a comment if you have any questions and a like if you find this useful!
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