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Introducing our new Inversion Fair Value Gaps (IFVG) indicator! Inversion Fair Value Gaps occur when a Fair Value Gap becomes invalidated. They reverse the role of the original Fair Value Gap, making a bullish zone bearish and vice versa. With this indicator, you can now see the volume of the bar that invalidated the FVG, which is also the bar that IFVG occurred. For more information about the process, read the "HOW DOES IT WORK" section of the description.

Features of the IFVG Indicator :
  1. Render Bullish / Bearish IFVG Zones
  2. See The Occurrence Volume Of The IFVG Zones
  3. Combination Of Overlapping FVG Zones
  4. Variety Of Zone Detection / Sensitivity / Filtering / Invalidation Settings
  5. High Customizability

This indicator stands out with its ability to render the occurrence volume of IFVGs. Also the ability to combine overlapping FVG zones will result in cleaner charts for traders. You can customize the FVG Filtering method, FVG & IFVG Zone Invalidation, Detection Sensitivity etc. according to your strategy to get the best performance from the indicator.

A Fair Value Gap generally occur when there is an imbalance in the market. They can be detected by specific formations within the chart. An Inversion Fair Value Gap is when a FVG becomes invalidated, thus reversing the direction of the FVG.


1. General Configuration
FVG Zone Invalidation -> Select between Wick & Close price for FVG Zone Invalidation.

IFVG Zone Invalidation -> Select between Wick & Close price for IFVG Zone Invalidation.

Zone Filtering -> With "Average Range" selected, algorithm will find FVG zones in comparison with average range of last bars in the chart. With the "Volume Threshold" option, you may select a Volume Threshold % to spot FVGs with a larger total volume than average.

FVG Detection -> With the "Same Type" option, all 3 bars that formed the FVG should be the same type. (Bullish / Bearish). If the "All" option is selected, bar types may vary between Bullish / Bearish.

Detection Sensitivity -> You may select between Low, Normal or High FVG detection sensitivity. This will essentially determine the size of the spotted FVGs, with lower sensitivies resulting in spotting bigger FVGs, and higher sensitivies resulting in spotting all sizes of FVGs.

Show Historic Zones -> If this option is on, the indicator will render invalidated IFVG zones as well as current IFVG zones. For a cleaner look at current IFVG zones which are not invalidated yet, you can turn this option off.
Notas de Lançamento:
  • Added alerts
Notas de Lançamento:
  • Improved General Reliability
  • Added a new setting "Allow Gaps Between Bars". On tickers that can have a different opening price than the previous bar's closing price, the indicator will not analyze those bars for FVGs if disabled. For Example, if the today's opening price is different from the yesterday's closing price in a stock ticker.

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