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Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to announce this!

>> LIMITED TIME OFFER, read below! <<

My name is Jack and I have been trading trends using TA on Forex for 10 years now and have within the past two years been trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
I am a part time trader and developer. On a daily basis I work as a software developer creating various algorythms for big data usage - such as machine learning etc. and I have found a passion in creating scripts to predict major trend moves. Which is why I would like to share this script (strategy) with you all!

Looking at the stats it looks amazing! 100% profitability - who doesn't want that?! But that doesn't mean it cannot be improved - I am daily looking into how I can improve this to become even more profitable.
Currently the script have been tested with BTC and ETH:
BTC = 100% profitability and 9 trades since 2016
ETH = 83% profitability and 6 trades since 2016 with a drawdown of $5.

Now - 9 and 6 trades since 2016 isn't many trades but it suites my way of trading perfectly! I aim for the major trends and try to hit the pullbacks as soon as possible.
You can use this script alone or with other complimenting indicators. I like to draw some support and resistance levels for even further verification.

Everyone is offered a 15 days trail.
Let me know in the comments if you would like a trail. Please do not PM me for trails.

Since this is my first script to publish on TradingView I am offering the FIRST 10 traders a LIFETIME access to the script for a very small price! After that everyone else will be able to buy acces for 1m, 6m, 1y or lifetime (but at a higher price).
So how do you become one of the first 10?! Simpel - just PM me for the details.
I will update this post when the first 10 has been chosen.

>> OBS: I might be away from TradingView up to 24hours at a time because of my job - but don't panic! I will keep track of every message and get back to everyone as soon as possible!

Best regards
Notas de Lançamento:
You are able to toggle on or off all the indicators. This makes the signals for the strategy way easier to see! :)
Notas de Lançamento:
++ UPDATE: Toggle all buy indicators ++
I have added a feature to toggle on or off all buy indicators. At first glance it might seem cluttered but this will be a great help to indicate when you might want to buy more for a even further run with the bulls.

I hope you all like it!
Notas de Lançamento:
MAJOR improvement have been added!
Not only do we still have a 100% accuracy on BTC but we also have been able to get signals on more swings.
Additionally the improvement of the script also affects ETH (75% accuracy, 0.05% drawdown) - AND one could argue if you now could use it on LTC now with a 69% accuracy and 0.02% drawdown (for LTC you just have to change the ganng swing period down to 1 instead of 3).

I hope you all will enjoy and benifit from this improvement!
Notas de Lançamento:
Thanks to perfect feedback from the user I have changed the way I display the oscillators that I use. I have removed the WaveTrend (default settings) and Squeeze (default settings) oscillator from the overlay and left it up to the user to add these to new panels if the need is to look at all oscillators used.
The reaason for this is that the script is now compatible with more coins than just BTC and having the two oscillators in the overlay got rendered wrong in other coins.
I hope this makes it easier to use the script! :)

Best regards
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