SIVE 2.0 - [Soldi]

SIVE 2.0 IS FINALLY HERE, after the long awaited update we are finally able to bring to you SIVE 2.0!

SIVE 1.0 (Systematic Institutional Volatility Expansion) brought a whole new approach to the algorithm and retail trading game on TradingView. Never before have you had access to a quantitative institutional approach like this, after years in development and testing we finally brought SIVE 1.0 to market. With very very high demand, support and so much positive feedback we knew that what we've created really hit the mark for so many traders!

What is SIVE?
SIVE as stated above stands for, Systematic Institutional Volatility Expansion. What this means is we have a highly effective system that reads what institutional algorithms are proven to be looking at. While only providing alerts during periods where Volatility is Expanding
We don't shy away from volatility here, that is where the bread and butter lays. volatility is a double edged sword that not many people know how to effectively use to their advantage. Simply put, because they are told in their retail trading that volatility is risky, and that you should stay away from volatile products. I say embrace it with the right tools.

What Has Changed?

At the core, SIVE 2.0 brings more efficient calculations to the volatility modelling as well as the triggering of trades!
  • Trend Scalper - This is a sub-set strategy we have included, what it measures is 'Super Trend' with a deviation of 7 and the MTI ribbon crosses. This is to be used as a way to scalp and trade the momentum of the market. I am aware that another brand/community has put this out as a paid feature to their algorithm. Since they didn't want to credit me for my contribution I decided to release it for free and also add it here. This is listed in my scripts as a free to use access.

  • Volatility Confluence - We have now also added a feature where you can choose how many volatility models you want to be aligned before SIVE calls an alert. There are a total of 9 models we have included, example. You choose 3 'Volatility Confluence', this means that SIVE will only call alerts when 3 of those 9 models agree. This can be very effective if you want to have more refined volatility trades, giving you more confidence that an expansion will take place.

  • Low Volatility Flashes - You now have the ability to control the low volatility back ground flash feature that was included with SIVE 1.0

  • Volatility Candles - You can now plot the volatility strength as candles! before you weren't able to see the actual underlaying volatility . Till now, turn this on and watch it turn you candles into a colourful array of the rainbow based on the volatility . Note - You will either need to *bring to front* or turn off the price data to see it

  • Take Profit System (beta) - Before on SIVE 1.0 and in the beta versions we had an early version of the money management. Where based on the ATR on the trade it would give you a suggested Stop Loss and Take Profit area. Now we have completely over hauled that and re calculated how we approach this also giving the trader 2 different options to choose from for suggested Stop Loss placement. We also included a 'Dynamic Take Profit' system that's based on the MTI to give you momentum based Take Profits. These are still in beta stages so any feedback is much appreciated and as always will be reviewed and considered.

  • RSI bands - Reverse plot the RSI onto your chart. Plot the over sold and over Bought static lines to price!

  • Moving Average Filter ( Multi Time Frame ) - Introducing a way further refine the trade alerts and give more power into the traders hands. We know that many many traders like to only trade if example. price is Greater Than 200 EMA . We wanted to give traders a choice to refine the trade alerts based on this information. You can choose between 'Price vs MA' - which is explained in that example just provided. The other option is 'MA vs MA', this allows you to filter out trades based on if a Moving Average of your choice(MA1) is Greater than MA2. With all this we also provided Multi Time Frame accessibility to just further give the trader more control and range. You also have the ability to just plot the Moving averages and not filter the trades at all!

  • Kill Zone / Time Sessions - Including another free script that has already been posted to my account. This script is also unique as it plots the specified time zones 24 hours in advanced . If you trade example. 'New York Session', Instead of using an indicator that only shows you after the fact it happens. You can now plot that time zone 24 Hours in advanced and watch how price trades to it and interacts with it. It has 4 completely customizable Time Zone slots. Please adjust to your time zone and desired sessions.
Here are some examples of SIVE working across various charts with the different features

USDCAD - 1 Hour
Take Profit System

XAUUSD ( Gold ) - 15 min
Trend Scalper System

US30(Dow Jones) - 15 min
Volatility Candles + Low Volatility Flashes

BTCUSD ( Bitcoin ) - 1 hour
Support / Resistance + Dashboard + Multi Time Frame MTI

USOIL (WTI Crude Oil ) - 5m
Kill Zones + Moving Average Filter

APPL( Apple ) - 1 hour
Moving Average Filter

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