SIVE 1.0 [Soldi]

SIVE 1.0

What is SIVE?
SIVE stands for Systematic Institutional Volatility Expansion, SIVE uses a variety of different statistical indicators to gauge volatility along with trend correlation and other measures to filter and define a price move. This system was originally set out to redefine what a 'Trend Following System' could be; we achieved more than just that. We had created what is considered to be one of the first retail quantitative trading system, that incorporates trend following mechanics as well as trend reversal techniques. All while being aligned/correlated to trend and volatility . Something truly powerful to put into the hands of the every day trader, demystifying what quant trading can be while easily presenting it in a way where even your mom could learn how to use the system without being overwhelmed.

What makes this different from any other trading system?
SIVE raises the bar on what traditional indicators and trading systems can do, traditionally you have lagging indicators that only tell you what happened in the past with no correlation to the market or what can happen in the future. Really providing little to no statistical value, yet completely idolized by the retail world. Where SIVE exceeds these systems is all in the math and the application of those formulas to the time/price, finding the synchronicities to exploit for profits as well as exploiting the high probabilities of non-random events. How we do it? well that's in the secret crabby patty formula.

Where we are now, and where we plan to go
SIVE as it stands right now is the very first iteration of the retail quantitative trading system, it is performing exceptionally well but we aren't take that as our standard as we want to always raise the bar. as it stands, we are already working on the updates to come that will dwarf anything we've done in the past.
Our goal with SIVE is to be able to provide an easy to learn and easy to profit trading system that will provide the retail public with a trust worthy system to use. In the future our updates will carry heavier weight on key aspects like Risk to Reward, Win rates and capturing those big parabolic movements that everyone dreams of. Far fetched? for the traditional indicator junkies, but for a Quant it is just a matter of time.

  • What does it perform best on?
    Simply put, yes... We set out to create this to be used for any trading instrument and any timeframe. Intraday timeframes have been shown to give more trades and typically higher reward trades as your able to execute with a high degree of accuracy 1:2 is very modest and can easily be achieved but we have also seen so so many trades run higher than 1:10 and even 1:20!! but as you already may know the market doesn't always give those favorable conditions to trade that high of a Risk to Reward all the time.
    Stocks, Crypto, Forex, Metals, Energies, Indices, etc. are all tradeable with SIVE

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