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Heffae Clouds v1.0 - Ichimoku Modernized

Heffae Clouds Alpha release Version 1.0

Heffae Clouds functions as adaptive support and resistance. It has real-time paths and offset clouds, similar to ichimoku.

Paths are calculated by the complex discovery of prior behaviour for any crypto or forex asset.

Uses 5 single layer networks to calculate the optimal path fitting for any asset or timeframe.

The cloud color provides granular detail on path validity.

Please see the pastebin link for access information and links:

Video introduction and trading strategy:

Some Beta-tester comments:
"It's like now having a microscope if you get what I mean. Which says great things about what you have done here. Love it man"

"I just find myself makes so many good decisions with your system it's hard to believe"

"this is without a doubt an improvement of Ichimoku (Which is my favorite tool by far). So much more info with your cloud system.."
Notas de Lançamento:
Path preset 1 value update
Notas de Lançamento:
Enabled "Realtime Bottom" plot from beta due to popular demand
Notas de Lançamento:
V 1.02 update:
Cloud offset automatically adjusts when using non-chart timeframe.
For example:
Say your chart is on some timeframe, but you want to see the Daily cloud on your chart.
  • Uncheck "Use Chart Timeframe ?" in Heffae Cloud settings.
  • Now the indicator will function on the timeframe you have in the input box "Non-Chart Timeframe"
  • Change "non-chart TF" to "1440" - the amount of minutes in one day.
  • (you cannot enter "1D, 3D, etc anymore; as the input was converted from a string to an int, instead use the #minutes in desired timeframe)
  • Now the 29-bar offset is linked to the requested time frame instead of the chart timeframe.

So the result is, the 29 bar offset in 1D = 174 bar offset in 4H chart displaying 1D cloud, or 248 bars offset with a 2H chart displaying 1D cloud.

This is now automatic and works for any combination of timeframe.

Bug-Fix with the Subtractive Real-Time bottom (orange steppy line), lookback period now follows non-chart timeframes accurately.

The Major update with Signals, cleaner visual style, and an additional indicator "Quant-RSI" is still in the works. This is a massive undertaking, with the signal logic opening up possibilities for automated trading. It needs to be as perfect as Pine-Script will allow.

Thank you for your patience and feedback!
Notas de Lançamento:
Release Notes: V 1.05 update:

Visual overhaul and adjustable "detail" setting for uncluttered charts.

  • Adjustable "Detail" input can be set between 0 and 3 to change the number of paths shown as well as the contrast between them.
  • Some paths are only relevant for brief interactions and can be hidden easily by lowering detail, instead of manually configuring the visual layout in TV's style configurator.
  • Overlay of multiple Heffae Clouds on different TimeFrames, the detail can be set individually to reduce chart clutter.
  • The Cloud shades changed to a more eye-pleasing tone combination.
  • Conditional cloud shading for cloud segments made up of atypical path as a top or bottom. The deviation of this cloud segment from the main cloud body is shaded conditionally to show the dimension of the cloud face, as the cloud is not dimensionally flat on the face that the screen displays. The color variations attempt to show the depth of this cloud face, or at least some instances of extreme depth / density variation.

The Cloud OSC indicator, which is still in development, does a good job showing SnR systems outside of the typical price axis dimension, and uses this depth concept to show path topology in a different way.

Minimum and Maximum depth side by side:

Album with different detail and RealTime combinations:

Heffae Clouds Getting Started Guide:

Access information:
A word about the promised signal system :/

Massive amounts of work went into the development of signals from this indicator. Several structural changes were made as experiments to enable more elegant conditional logic for signal sets.

I arrived at a somewhat robust signal system using only 16 basic interaction types, but they needed more historical and conditional reference to work with the many different asset types Heffae Clouds is relevant to.

Optimally, each flag would also have a Risk-Reward estimate as well as a suggested tolerance % for stop-loss and signal disengagement / contradiction logic for exiting a trade gracefully when S becomes R.

The issues began when necessary optimizations were made to the signaling system; the first layer of determining a particular path's validity (and potentially suppressing the signals from firing) and fitting together the conditional gates became such an overload for PineScript (which does not support arrays, as well as other massively prohibitive limitations.

I determined that it would be irresponsible to release a signaling system on this indicator, because the decision matrix that's needed to create signals that follow all currently recognised rules for Heffae Clouds cannot be implemented within TradingView.

Firing signals without this decision matrx seemed to me like it would distract from the finesse and discourage the kind of inquisitive approach that's needed for full comprehension, so it has been left out.

There is a plan for a signaling indicator that would function as an oscillator, not an overlay.
There is also a candle-painting beta of heffae clouds which uses Qrsi and RealTime SnR to change the candle color.
Notas de Lançamento:
V 1.07 Update:

Improvements to Non-Chart Timeframe selection

  • Selecting a custom cloud timeframe to use with any chart timeframe is now easier
  • Rearranged Settings menu for clarity and faster menu interaction
  • 1 Day+ Non-Chart Timeframe calculation error fixed
  • N/A error when using 1Day+ Cloud with shorter than 4H chart/candles fixed
  • All published charts now show Cloud TimeFrame settings next to indicator name
  • "Display Detail" changed from integer to text "medium,high,etc"

How to Display a custom indicator TimeFrame on any Chart TimeFrame:
  • Type in desired resolution integer
  • Select "Hour, Minute, Day" from the drop-down
  • Uncheck "Use Chart TimeFrame ?"
Notas de Lançamento:
V 1.08 Update:

Visual feature additions

  • "Show Primary Cloud" has been replaced by "Full Visibility"
  • Changing "Full Visibility" to "OFF" reduces detail, changes colors, and truncates cloud history to ~85 bars.
  • This helps reduce screen clutter when displaying more than one cloud, or when you want Heffae Clouds as more of a background.
  • Perfect for mixing multiple instances of Heffae Clouds with different timeframes on one chart. See pictures as an example.

  • Changed the "Chart TimeFrame" button to a drop-down.
  • Easier to keep track of multiple instances because the setting is visible in the indicator's data summary.
  • Less confusion when sharing charts as the TimeFrame is shown as "Custom" or "Chart" on text for a chart screenshot.
    Chart TimeFrame or Custom TimeFrame:

  • Adjustments to "InterCloud-ext" path on Preset 1.
  • Maximum lookup window increased by about 15%, changing the path-fitting character on longer timeframes
  • Improved accuracy as Support / Resistance, especially when this path is above or below the primary High, Low, and Fast paths.
  • "InterCloud-ext" is the purple cloud path that gets hidden on low and lowest detail settings.

Multiple Heffae Clouds with different TimeFrames loaded on a single chart. The purple shaded cloud has "Show Primary Cloud" set to "off"
Notas de Lançamento:
V 1.08 hotfix
  • Changed cloud visibility switch to "Show Full Cloud"
  • Title now shows proper version 1.08
Notas de Lançamento:
Update Screenshot

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