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Empresas Americanas engaged in one sector: Commercial Services

These Empresas Americanas operate in the same sector, Commercial Services. They're equipped with price, change, and other stats to help you get the most details. The list contains stocks for any strategy: from giants with large caps to cheaper options. Filter the list by any metric you need and check companies' performance in a convenient way.
Variação %
Volume Rel
Valor de mercado
EPS dil
Crescimento EPS dil.
12M Ano a Ano
Div. yield %
Classificação dos Analistas
AACGATA Creativity Global
1.34 USD−0.04%6.388K0.1942.064M USD−0.18 USD+27.52%0.00%
ABLVAble View Global Inc.
2.95 USD+12.17%58.492K0.72124.96M USD0.00%
ABMABM Industries Incorporated
39.99 USD−1.09%613.854K1.162.514B USD10.553.79 USD+11.06%2.19%
Tendência Neutra
ABSIAbsci Corporation
4.92 USD+2.18%739.267K0.46456.793M USD−1.16 USD+4.37%0.00%
Alta forte
ACTGAcacia Research Corporation
4.02 USD−1.47%136.985K0.60401.543M USD−0.96 USD−1194.66%0.00%
Alta forte
6.70 USD−0.59%1.967M0.795.809B USD205.520.03 USD2.08%
Tendência de Alta
ADVAdvantage Solutions Inc.
3.84 USD−4.48%521.335K0.951.253B USD−4.70 USD−2286.98%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
AGRIAgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd.
0.2329 USD−13.45%5.347M0.401.219M USD−0.43 USD+44.35%0.00%
AINCAshford Inc. (Holding Company)
2.35 USD−0.83%2.367K0.587.553M USD−12.52 USD−33.31%0.00%
Alta forte
AIUMeta Data Limited
0.9600 USD0.00%2.741K0.5773.92M USD0.119.07 USD0.00%
ALXOALX Oncology Holdings Inc.
15.86 USD−2.40%222.066K0.68790.126M USD−3.57 USD−19.63%0.00%
Alta forte
AMNAMN Healthcare Services Inc
59.16 USD+1.81%1.671M1.792.236B USD11.195.29 USD−46.28%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
ANDEThe Andersons, Inc.
56.25 USD+5.53%249.921K1.511.899B USD19.092.95 USD−22.63%1.40%
Alta forte
ANLAdlai Nortye Ltd.
7.51 USD−1.14%4910.75129.124M USD0.00%
Alta forte
ANROAlto Neuroscience, Inc.
13.47 USD−0.59%107.245K0.30326.314M USD0.00%
ANTEAirNet Technology Inc.
0.97 USD−4.36%15.537K0.084.545M USD−2.44 USD−4071.22%0.00%
ARCARC Document Solutions, Inc.
2.65 USD−1.49%223.351K1.39113.849M USD10.240.26 USD−3.22%7.43%
Alta forte
ASSTAsset Entities Inc.
0.5036 USD−4.68%220.309K0.606.93M USD−0.28 USD−754.60%0.00%
ATOMAtomera Incorporated
6.46 USD−3.37%208.798K0.56171.965M USD−0.80 USD−6.31%0.00%
Alta forte
AUGXAugmedix, Inc.
4.54 USD−2.16%164.524K0.28216.184M USD−0.50 USD+22.88%0.00%
Alta forte
BAHBooz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation
144.89 USD−0.14%533.446K0.8518.799B USD46.753.10 USD−3.71%1.30%
Tendência de Alta
BAOSBaosheng Media Group Holdings Limited
3.83 USD−1.67%47.939K0.385.869M USD−11.44 USD0.00%
BBSIBarrett Business Services, Inc.
112.59 USD−0.37%16.98K0.59744.969M USD16.306.91 USD+8.44%1.06%
Alta forte
BBUBrookfield Business Partners L.P. Limited Partnership
22.16 USD−1.60%15.55K0.951.653B USD1.11%
Alta forte
BCOBrinks Company (The)
80.84 USD−0.26%580.571K2.813.642B USD27.772.91 USD−19.71%1.06%
Alta forte
BEDUBright Scholar Education Holdings Limited
1.91 USD+3.64%8.09K0.7654.782M USD0.00%
BFAMBright Horizons Family Solutions Inc.
105.98 USD−0.39%365.003K0.636.137B USD83.291.27 USD−7.21%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
BGLCBioNexus Gene Lab Corp
0.7500 USD−9.83%300.52K0.0413.344M USD−0.05 USD−585.71%0.00%
9.28 USD−5.98%27.666K4.16100.935M USD15.240.61 USD−45.17%6.08%
Alta forte
BHILBenson Hill, Inc.
0.2065 USD+6.39%381.017K0.3343.03M USD−0.70 USD−7.47%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
BKKTBakkt Holdings, Inc.
0.8725 USD−6.32%2.166M0.32243.137M USD−1.77 USD+80.96%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
BOCBoston Omaha Corporation
15.43 USD−0.19%74.107K0.57483.036M USD1094.330.01 USD0.00%
Alta forte
BTBTBit Digital, Inc.
2.72 USD−5.23%6.142M0.63231.278M USD−0.99 USD−12.55%0.00%
Alta forte
BVBrightView Holdings, Inc.
8.36 USD−1.07%234.391K0.69789.184M USD−0.18 USD−317.83%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
CADLCandel Therapeutics, Inc.
1.76 USD+2.33%59.033K0.2350.899M USD−1.10 USD−157.31%0.00%
Alta forte
19.22 USD−0.26%473.275K0.546.118B USD29.130.66 USD+59.58%0.00%
Alta forte
CASSCass Information Systems, Inc
46.52 USD−1.38%32.624K0.65632.509M USD21.392.17 USD−13.97%2.48%
Alta forte
CAUDCollective Audience, Inc.
1.07 USD−0.93%62.351K0.2114.688M USD−1.01 USD−168.62%0.00%
72.72 USD+0.51%352.95K0.983.622B USD30.462.39 USD+19.90%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CCOClear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.
1.61 USD−5.29%4.824M2.98777.646M USD−0.49 USD−74.48%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CCRNCross Country Healthcare, Inc.
17.02 USD−2.58%723.445K1.20598.267M USD6.032.82 USD−53.12%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CELUCelularity Inc.
0.4319 USD−8.11%490.659K0.8993.466M USD−1.02 USD−510.68%0.00%
CGONCG Oncology, Inc.
45.28 USD+2.05%473.948K0.853.01B USD0.00%
Alta forte
CHGGChegg, Inc.
8.72 USD−0.23%3.81M0.93896.623M USD−0.37 USD−120.34%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
CLEUChina Liberal Education Holdings Limited
2.60 USD+1.17%431.03K1.418.597M USD−0.09 USD−138.87%0.00%
CLVTClarivate Plc
8.85 USD−0.90%2.391M0.715.876B USD39.560.22 USD0.00%
Tendência Neutra
CMPOCompoSecure, Inc.
4.74 USD−3.07%255.655K2.00374.478M USD5.970.79 USD−58.87%0.00%
Alta forte
CMPRCimpress plc
88.41 USD+0.35%200.14K0.802.355B USD58.131.52 USD0.00%
Alta forte
CNDTConduent Incorporated
3.51 USD−1.40%1.214M0.95742.397M USD−1.40 USD−55.84%0.00%
Alta forte
CNETZW Data Action Technologies Inc.
0.9514 USD+2.26%21.074K0.356.854M USD−1.20 USD−32.19%0.00%
CNTGCentogene N.V.
0.8408 USD−7.81%0.999K0.0423.43M USD0.00%
Alta forte
CNXCConcentrix Corporation
81.94 USD+0.91%523.78K1.345.435B USD14.205.77 USD−30.30%1.39%
Tendência de Alta
COYACoya Therapeutics, Inc.
8.70 USD+7.94%179.878K2.0586.547M USD−1.24 USD0.00%
Alta forte
CPOPPop Culture Group Co., Ltd
6.22 USD−13.49%21.539M1.8815.171M USD−1.01 USD−676.14%0.00%
CRAICRA International,Inc.
110.63 USD−0.49%18.487K0.67774.6M USD22.324.96 USD−15.44%1.35%
Tendência de Alta
CREXCreative Realities, Inc.
3.80 USD−1.30%109.717K2.3239.554M USD−0.73 USD−504.63%0.00%
Alta forte
CRKNCrown Electrokinetics Corp.
0.1000 USD−1.86%6.384M3.793.087M USD−30.32 USD+89.55%0.00%
CRLCharles River Laboratories International, Inc.
241.10 USD+0.90%378.905K0.5212.38B USD26.189.21 USD−2.80%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CRTOCriteo S.A.
31.46 USD+1.06%380.053K0.841.736B USD35.720.88 USD+617.18%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CRVOCervoMed Inc.
14.50 USD−7.35%33.966K0.4382.281M USD−8.26 USD+25.12%0.00%
Alta forte
CSTMConstellium SE
19.49 USD+4.95%1.996M2.902.812B USD21.260.92 USD−57.98%0.00%
Alta forte
CXWCoreCivic, Inc.
14.31 USD+0.35%893.766K0.661.608B USD24.270.59 USD−43.06%0.00%
Alta forte
DBIDesigner Brands Inc.
9.19 USD+3.26%774.59K0.68522.52M USD5.911.55 USD−13.84%2.25%
Tendência Neutra
DGLYDigital Ally, Inc.
2.09 USD+4.24%6.316K0.805.854M USD−11.00 USD−226.90%0.00%
Alta forte
DHXDHI Group, Inc.
2.53 USD−0.78%168.128K0.71121.522M USD32.350.08 USD−11.54%0.00%
Alta forte
DLHCDLH Holdings Corp.
16.27 USD+0.18%32.446K0.58231.534M USD124.290.13 USD−88.98%0.00%
Alta forte
DLPNDolphin Entertainment, Inc.
1.31 USD0.00%6.661K0.1123.765M USD−1.38 USD−146.48%0.00%
Alta forte
DLXDeluxe Corporation
19.47 USD−1.82%166.329K0.70850.694M USD32.790.59 USD−60.58%6.05%
Tendência de Alta
DOYUDouYu International Holdings Limited
0.7400 USD+1.37%446.4K0.64233.437M USD11.840.06 USD0.00%
Tendência de Baixa
DRCTDirect Digital Holdings, Inc.
15.19 USD−10.28%110.512K0.37216.768M USD64.170.24 USD0.00%
Alta forte
1.95 USD+2.09%5.337K0.5013.676M USD0.00%
EASTEastside Distilling, Inc.
1.00 USD−1.06%1.657M135.691.561M USD−18.36 USD−54.69%0.00%
EBFEnnis, Inc.
20.38 USD+0.64%92.38K1.01527.326M USD11.881.72 USD+6.27%4.94%
Alta forte
EDTKSkillful Craftsman Education Technology Limited
0.9180 USD+10.60%25.989K0.3914.183M USD−1.23 USD−1092.03%0.00%
EEIQEpicQuest Education Group International Limited
1.27 USD−5.93%1.61K0.1016.132M USD−0.58 USD−431.32%0.00%
EEXEmerald Holding, Inc.
6.61 USD+0.76%50.459K0.89415.719M USD−0.28 USD−385.06%0.00%
EFSH1847 Holdings LLC
3.05 USD+15.36%37.739K0.128.35M USD−237.54 USD+77.34%0.00%
EFXEquifax, Inc.
257.03 USD−0.32%832.829K0.8131.67B USD58.464.40 USD−22.11%0.61%
Tendência de Alta
EVHEvolent Health, Inc
29.94 USD−2.60%1.356M1.383.442B USD−1.03 USD−1983.54%0.00%
Alta forte
EXAIExscientia Plc
6.25 USD−1.88%419.521K0.34795.866M USD−1.43 USD−38.34%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
FAFirst Advantage Corporation
17.20 USD−0.12%237.061K0.882.496B USD59.490.29 USD−26.33%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
FCFranklin Covey Company
38.26 USD−1.11%35.989K0.57508.329M USD29.761.29 USD−4.39%0.00%
Alta forte
FCNFTI Consulting, Inc.
190.12 USD−0.12%247.511K1.476.751B USD28.136.76 USD+6.91%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
FCUVFocus Universal Inc.
0.4200 USD+4.30%205.801K0.7627.225M USD−0.07 USD−1.13%0.00%
FLTFleetCor Technologies, Inc.
274.30 USD+0.51%416.195K0.6219.806B USD20.7813.20 USD+6.20%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
FONRFonar Corporation
22.99 USD−0.17%17.374K0.52147.933M USD12.491.84 USD+47.58%0.00%
FORRForrester Research, Inc.
19.92 USD−1.70%60.3K0.69383.241M USD127.280.16 USD−86.23%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
FOURShift4 Payments, Inc.
72.34 USD−5.64%1.105M1.365.963B USD43.191.67 USD+364.60%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
FTREFortrea Holdings Inc.
36.37 USD+2.77%965.889K1.233.23B USD0.00%
Tendência de Alta
GGenpact Limited
35.75 USD−1.00%1.141M0.676.485B USD10.453.42 USD+81.94%1.52%
Tendência Neutra
GAIAGaia, Inc.
2.93 USD−0.68%20.614K0.7767.418M USD−0.21 USD−104750.00%0.00%
Alta forte
GDOTGreen Dot Corporation
8.15 USD−2.16%1.102M1.58427.486M USD11.700.70 USD−18.79%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
GOTUGaotu Techedu Inc.
5.03 USD+2.86%6.006M0.671.281B USD50.650.10 USD−28.10%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
GPCRStructure Therapeutics Inc.
41.02 USD−5.42%302.544K0.741.557B USD−2.30 USD0.00%
Alta forte
GPNGlobal Payments Inc.
132.46 USD+1.27%9.149M4.3934.173B USD35.073.78 USD+761.07%0.76%
Tendência de Alta
GSUNGolden Sun Health Technology Group Limited
0.7511 USD−11.64%23.713K0.0714.335M USD−0.31 USD−371.86%0.00%
GUTSFractyl Health, Inc.
8.21 USD+0.98%93.456K0.26390.856M USD0.00%
GWAVGreenwave Technology Solutions, Inc.
0.7400 USD−1.99%79.709K0.4612.252M USD−2.96 USD−43.58%0.00%
HAOHaoxi Health Technology Limited
8.50 USD+4.17%8.36K0.33270.98M USD0.00%
HCKTThe Hackett Group, Inc.
25.05 USD+9.29%304.412K3.18682.299M USD20.291.23 USD−3.40%1.92%
Alta forte