Empresas Americanas companies operating in one industry: Recreational Products

The list below has Empresas Americanas that operate under the same industry, Recreational Products. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry or those with the best price dynamics, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Variação %
Volume Rel
Valor de mercado
EPS dil
Crescimento EPS dil.
12M Ano a Ano
Div. yield %
Classificação dos Analistas
AOUTAmerican Outdoor Brands, Inc.
8.38 USD−2.22%16.709K0.73108.409M USD−0.81 USD+86.12%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
Alta forte
ASAmer Sports, Inc.
15.54 USD+3.46%874.852K0.937.607B USD0.00%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência de Alta
BFXBowFlex Inc.
0.1676 USD−0.24%1.949M2.006.102M USD−2.10 USD+36.96%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
BHATBlue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology
1.0000 USD−0.99%51.544K0.449.895M USD0.00%Consumo Duráveis
CLARClarus Corporation
5.80 USD+0.87%279.376K1.13221.267M USD−2.25 USD−442.13%1.72%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência de Alta
ESCAEscalade, Incorporated
15.33 USD−2.17%12.847K0.64210.585M USD21.900.70 USD−52.63%3.91%Consumo Duráveis
Alta forte
FNKOFunko, Inc.
7.08 USD+1.14%212.779K0.56372.987M USD−3.92 USD−496.78%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência Neutra
FRZAForza X1, Inc.
0.5900 USD−4.84%17.13K0.319.313M USD−0.52 USD0.00%Consumo Duráveis
GOLFAcushnet Holdings Corp.
69.46 USD+0.62%274.247K0.844.541B USD21.073.30 USD+39.55%1.12%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência de Alta
HASHasbro, Inc.
49.59 USD−1.14%1.652M0.636.881B USD−10.72 USD−834.91%5.65%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência de Alta
HAYWHayward Holdings, Inc.
12.93 USD+1.89%771.385K0.782.763B USD43.430.30 USD−67.93%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência de Alta
JAKKJAKKS Pacific, Inc.
34.80 USD+2.38%47.017K0.75350.55M USD4.058.60 USD+80.39%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
Alta forte
JFBRJeffs' Brands Ltd
1.87 USD−2.60%2.664K0.122.223M USD0.00%Consumo Duráveis
JOUTJohnson Outdoors Inc.
44.72 USD+1.47%55.692K1.13454.976M USD26.071.72 USD−55.69%2.86%Consumo Duráveis
LVWRLiveWire Group, Inc.
9.42 USD+1.29%10.504K0.321.908B USD−0.54 USD+71.32%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência Neutra
MATMattel, Inc.
19.63 USD−0.46%3.197M0.736.934B USD32.420.61 USD−44.66%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência de Alta
MBUUMalibu Boats, Inc.
42.19 USD−0.94%207.627K0.65861.975M USD13.493.13 USD−62.03%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência de Alta
MCFTMasterCraft Boat Holdings, Inc.
22.45 USD+0.29%79.842K0.50382.409M USD6.893.26 USD+5.22%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência de Alta
MODGTopgolf Callaway Brands Corp.
14.42 USD+1.12%2.101M0.592.661B USD32.430.44 USD−41.08%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência de Alta
MPXMarine Products Corporation
10.31 USD−1.06%42.146K0.60355.352M USD8.511.21 USD+3.25%5.43%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência Neutra
PIIPolaris Inc.
92.57 USD+0.31%377.494K0.745.221B USD10.638.71 USD−11.78%2.81%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência Neutra
RGRSturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.
43.13 USD+0.33%155.839K1.01761.857M USD15.922.71 USD−45.31%2.94%Consumo Duráveis
Alta forte
SPGCSacks Parente Golf, Inc.
0.6640 USD+0.62%60.321K0.479.692M USD−0.23 USD0.00%Consumo Duráveis
SRMSRM Entertainment, Inc.
1.23 USD−6.82%34.907K0.7811.624M USD−0.16 USD0.00%Consumo Duráveis
THOThor Industries, Inc.
124.31 USD+1.42%407.138K1.186.629B USD22.955.42 USD−71.17%1.50%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência Neutra
VEEETwin Vee PowerCats Co.
1.21 USD−3.60%19.457K1.3511.472M USD−0.79 USD−69.64%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
VMARVision Marine Technologies Inc.
0.7875 USD−3.96%375.084K4.969.178M USD−1.05 USD+32.52%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
Alta forte
VSTOVista Outdoor Inc.
29.87 USD−0.33%198.437K0.561.737B USD−5.98 USD−187.53%0.00%Consumo Duráveis
Alta forte
WGOWinnebago Industries, Inc.
70.55 USD−0.20%316.664K0.812.063B USD13.705.15 USD−51.27%1.64%Consumo Duráveis
Tendência de Alta