Conglomerados Financeiros

Empresas Americanas empresas que operam em um setor: conglomerados financeiros

The list below has Empresas Americanas that operate under the same industry, conglomerados financeiros. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry such as PhenixFIN Corporation or those with the best price dynamics like SEP Acquisition Corp, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Valor de mercado
Variação %
Volume Rel
EPS dil
Crescimento EPS dil.
12M Ano a Ano
Div. yield %
Classificação dos Analistas
SHGShinhan Financial Group Co Ltd
15.333 B USD30.49 USD+0.63%59.007 K0.324.946.17 USD4.05%Financeiro
Alta forte
3.551 B USD23.65 USD+2.83%496.029 K0.00%Financeiro
AMKAssetMark Financial Holdings, Inc.
2.585 B USD34.74 USD+0.70%198.491 K0.5221.041.65 USD+18.00%0.00%Financeiro
Alta forte
MMSDLMorgan Stanley Direct Lending Fund
1.887 B USD21.23 USD−0.14%29.992 K0.556.783.13 USD+291.25%0.00%Financeiro
Tendência de Alta
BCSFBain Capital Specialty Finance, Inc.
1.018 B USD15.76 USD+0.57%232.141 K0.888.251.91 USD+16.96%10.41%Financeiro
Tendência Neutra
SCRMUScreaming Eagle Acquisition Corp.
1.013 B USD10.83 USD−0.18%1.5 K2.730.00%Financeiro
SCRMScreaming Eagle Acquisition Corp.
1.013 B USD10.80 USD+0.28%3.261 M2.6760.610.18 USD−25.78%0.00%Financeiro
NCDLNuveen Churchill Direct Lending Corp.
981.202 M USD17.90 USD+1.47%34.896 K0.948.192.19 USD+210.14%0.00%Financeiro
Tendência de Alta
CVIIUChurchill Capital Corp VII
980.653 M USD10.13 USD−6.24%6380.180.00%Financeiro
CVIIChurchill Capital Corp VII
980.653 M USD10.71 USD+0.09%64.231 K0.4779.450.13 USD−67.27%0.00%Financeiro
GTIGraphjet Technology
930.129 M USD6.43 USD−33.09%95.332 K6.1888.200.07 USD0.00%Financeiro
TCPCBlackRock TCP Capital Corp.
874.744 M USD10.22 USD+0.29%327.43 K0.9515.350.67 USD13.31%Financeiro
Tendência Neutra
RMRThe RMR Group Inc.
715.666 M USD22.57 USD−3.30%132.673 K1.736.513.47 USD+78.21%7.09%Financeiro
Tendência Neutra
AACTAres Acquisition Corporation II
663.125 M USD10.61 USD−0.19%8.979 K0.070.00%Financeiro
IGICInternational General Insurance Holdings Ltd.
574.482 M USD13.17 USD−2.01%93.474 K1.815.172.55 USD+46.41%0.30%Financeiro
Alta forte
PSBDPalmer Square Capital BDC Inc.
546.887 M USD16.80 USD+0.66%47.972 K1.364.144.05 USD0.00%Financeiro
Tendência de Alta
ALCCAltC Acquisition Corp.
538.757 M USD12.50 USD−1.34%607.672 K0.3462.530.20 USD+225.57%0.00%Financeiro
AANSCUAgriculture & Natural Solutions Acquisition Corporation
440.738 M USD10.30 USD+0.10%1510.010.00%Financeiro
AANSCAgriculture & Natural Solutions Acquisition Corporation
440.738 M USD10.22 USD0.00%2.27 K0.060.00%Financeiro
NETDUNabors Energy Transition Corp. II
399.931 M USD10.54 USD0.00%2000.020.00%Financeiro
NETDNabors Energy Transition Corp. II
399.931 M USD10.49 USD0.00%21.872 K0.2152.870.20 USD0.00%Financeiro
RRACRigel Resource Acquisition Corp.
360.788 M USD11.25 USD0.00%165.594 K0.7852.840.21 USD−50.96%0.00%Financeiro
SVIIUSpring Valley Acquisition Corp. II
329.982 M USD11.18 USD+1.64%3000.470.00%Financeiro
SVIISpring Valley Acquisition Corp. II
329.982 M USD11.01 USD−0.14%5.395 K0.3430.770.36 USD0.00%Financeiro
IPXXUInflection Point Acquisition Corp. II
329.688 M USD10.55 USD−0.09%10.3 K41.070.00%Financeiro
IPXXInflection Point Acquisition Corp. II
328.75 M USD10.52 USD0.00%338.426 K8.2548.730.22 USD0.00%Financeiro
JSPRJasper Therapeutics, Inc.
325.23 M USD21.59 USD−6.98%64.582 K0.88−3.41 USD−230.52%0.00%Financeiro
Alta forte
HYACHaymaker Acquisition Corp. 4
308.772 M USD10.45 USD−0.19%22.03 K0.6465.680.16 USD0.00%Financeiro
JWSMJaws Mustang Acquisition Corp.
300.083 M USD11.00 USD+0.27%33.771 K7.4578.800.14 USD−61.33%0.00%Financeiro
JWSM.UJaws Mustang Acquisition Corp.
300.083 M USD11.00 USD0.00%3.612 K7.910.00%Financeiro
MTAMetalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd.
288.063 M USD3.15 USD−1.87%329.509 K0.59−0.11 USD+54.66%0.00%Financeiro
Tendência de Alta
TRTLTortoiseEcofin Acquisition Corp. III
278.314 M USD10.75 USD−0.46%1.771 M5.7333.120.32 USD−1.55%0.00%Financeiro
TRTL.UTortoiseEcofin Acquisition Corp. III
278.314 M USD10.78 USD−0.05%2530.350.00%Financeiro
SLAMSlam Corp.
258.452 M USD11.02 USD+0.09%4480.27106.370.10 USD−60.15%0.00%Financeiro
SLAMUSlam Corp.
258.452 M USD11.02 USD−0.09%1000.120.00%Financeiro
PLAOPatria Latin American Opportunity Acquisition Corp.
256.403 M USD11.33 USD0.00%29.541 K0.4227.010.42 USD+30.28%0.00%Financeiro
PLMJUPlum Acquisition Corp. III
250.113 M USD10.57 USD0.00%5600.210.00%Financeiro
PLMJPlum Acquisition Corp. III
242.074 M USD10.69 USD+0.09%27.265 K2.8435.460.30 USD+73.68%0.00%Financeiro
RENECartesian Growth Corporation II
241.718 M USD11.18 USD−0.04%95.585 K2.8627.080.41 USD+151.55%0.00%Financeiro
CNDAConcord Acquisition Corp II
229.167 M USD10.56 USD+0.19%178.913 K6.9447.740.22 USD−46.66%0.00%Financeiro
CNDA.UConcord Acquisition Corp II
229.167 M USD10.75 USD+3.07%2480.700.00%Financeiro
IVCBInvestcorp Europe Acquisition Corp I
228.328 M USD11.32 USD+0.18%2400.00−0.06 USD−109.21%0.00%Financeiro
IVCBUInvestcorp Europe Acquisition Corp I
228.227 M USD11.50 USD+3.23%1010.070.00%Financeiro
221.221 M USD10.60 USD+0.09%2.345 K0.19−0.25 USD−207.87%0.00%Financeiro
HLXBHelix Acquisition Corp. II
216.121 M USD10.25 USD−0.87%11.198 K3.290.00%Financeiro
RCFARCF Acquisition Corp.
210.725 M USD11.23 USD+0.44%1.19 K0.0424.580.46 USD−31.02%0.00%Financeiro
LLEGTLegato Merger Corp. III
209.702 M USD10.12 USD+0.25%39.895 K0.210.00%Financeiro
LEGT.ULegato Merger Corp. III
209.702 M USD10.14 USD−1.55%74.828 K28.960.00%Financeiro
KVACUKeen Vision Acquisition Corporation
205.668 M USD10.55 USD+0.86%1900.040.00%Financeiro
KVACKeen Vision Acquisition Corporation
203.247 M USD10.50 USD−0.05%2.448 K0.16139.750.08 USD0.00%Financeiro
GHIXUGores Holdings IX, Inc.
202.277 M USD11.00 USD+3.19%2.194 K1.850.00%Financeiro
GHIXGores Holdings IX, Inc.
202.277 M USD10.56 USD0.00%8960.37−0.10 USD−138.84%0.00%Financeiro
SEDASDCL EDGE Acquisition Corporation
200.5 M USD11.04 USD+0.27%1.809 K0.0268.060.16 USD−15.91%0.00%Financeiro
MNTNEverest Consolidator Acquisition Corporation
199.36 M USD11.24 USD+0.00%10.528 K0.21−0.48 USD−6668.49%0.00%Financeiro
SBXC.USilverBox Corp III
189.75 M USD11.00 USD−4.35%19.223 K3.680.00%Financeiro
IVCAInvestcorp India Acquisition Corp.
182.905 M USD11.25 USD+0.27%155.831 K16.1632.140.35 USD+66.67%0.00%Financeiro
SBXCSilverBox Corp III
181.643 M USD10.53 USD0.00%9.153 K0.2454.700.19 USD0.00%Financeiro
TRISTristar Acquisition I Corp.
180.192 M USD11.02 USD+0.05%26.962 K2.3735.800.31 USD−41.05%0.00%Financeiro
SPKLUSpark I Acquisition Corp.
179.904 M USD10.50 USD0.00%5710.120.00%Financeiro
APCAAP Acquisition Corp
177.074 M USD11.34 USD−0.09%4.452 K0.1965.970.17 USD+202.11%0.00%Financeiro
HCVIUHennessy Capital Investment Corp. VI
174.399 M USD11.46 USD+9.56%2132.080.00%Financeiro
HCVIHennessy Capital Investment Corp. VI
174.316 M USD10.48 USD−0.10%3.129 K0.1367.400.16 USD−53.80%0.00%Financeiro
PPYAUPapaya Growth Opportunity Corp. I
173.766 M USD11.25 USD+4.17%1010.040.00%Financeiro
PPYAPapaya Growth Opportunity Corp. I
172.347 M USD10.93 USD−1.89%4.345 K1.6725.660.43 USD+933.98%0.00%Financeiro
EVEEVe Mobility Acquisition Corp
171.323 M USD10.98 USD−0.09%38.546 K1.4248.260.23 USD+2514.94%0.00%Financeiro
SKGRSK Growth Opportunities Corporation
169.639 M USD11.09 USD+0.05%112.18 K0.6135.560.31 USD+287.94%0.00%Financeiro
SSPKLSpark I Acquisition Corp.
169.422 M USD10.32 USD−0.23%6.195 K0.19−0.04 USD+45.20%0.00%Financeiro
GAQGeneration Asia I Acquisition Limited
169.282 M USD11.15 USD+0.72%6840.0137.380.30 USD−10.37%0.00%Financeiro
BRKHBurTech Acquisition Corp.
166.469 M USD10.98 USD−0.64%11.27 K5.60140.940.08 USD+422.82%0.00%Financeiro
LCWLearn CW Investment Corporation
164.916 M USD10.93 USD−0.09%3570.0080.430.14 USD−60.49%0.00%Financeiro
MCAAMountain & Co. I Acquisition Corp.
162.916 M USD11.53 USD+0.09%4900.0150.790.23 USD0.00%Financeiro
NFYSEnphys Acquisition Corp.
161.627 M USD10.86 USD+0.09%2.796 K0.2228.790.38 USD+9.78%0.00%Financeiro
PEGRUProject Energy Reimagined Acquisition Corp.
160.759 M USD10.91 USD−3.88%6000.530.00%Financeiro
PEGRProject Energy Reimagined Acquisition Corp.
160.759 M USD9.20 USD+0.11%251.146 K8.4878.300.12 USD−70.81%0.00%Financeiro
ALCYAlchemy Investments Acquisition Corp 1
158.687 M USD10.60 USD−0.14%42.408 K1.2648.140.22 USD0.00%Financeiro
PHYTPyrophyte Acquisition Corp.
158.257 M USD11.30 USD0.00%4.621 K0.1235.820.32 USD−26.82%0.00%Financeiro
STHOStar Holdings - Shares of Beneficial Interest
157.837 M USD11.85 USD+1.63%35.877 K0.72−14.74 USD0.00%Financeiro
BFACBattery Future Acquisition Corp.
152.993 M USD11.09 USD−0.09%2.106 K0.0561.270.18 USD−63.27%0.00%Financeiro
ESHAESH Acquisition Corp.
152.197 M USD10.38 USD+0.29%5890.0778.160.13 USD0.00%Financeiro
EMLDFTAC Emerald Acquisition Corp.
152.101 M USD10.60 USD+0.38%28.791 K1.9280.360.13 USD0.00%Financeiro
BCSAUBlockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp. I
149.518 M USD11.24 USD+0.09%1650.260.00%Financeiro
BCSABlockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp. I
149.518 M USD11.13 USD0.00%10.503 K0.1924.100.46 USD+104.16%0.00%Financeiro
ISRLUIsrael Acquisitions Corp
146.654 M USD11.17 USD0.00%1020.020.00%Financeiro
VCXB10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp. III
144.741 M USD10.97 USD+0.83%48.221 K1.69−0.13 USD−841.04%0.00%Financeiro
VCXB.U10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp. III
144.741 M USD11.10 USD+2.87%5470.660.00%Financeiro
DPCSDP Cap Acquisition Corp I
144.17 M USD11.09 USD0.00%2250.0258.340.19 USD+124.44%0.00%Financeiro
TWLVUTwelve Seas Investment Company II
140.059 M USD10.91 USD+2.63%4300.120.00%Financeiro
ISRLIsrael Acquisitions Corp
139.926 M USD10.92 USD−0.09%8300.0135.830.30 USD0.00%Financeiro
TWLVTwelve Seas Investment Company II
139.734 M USD10.75 USD+0.28%6.184 K1.30105.080.10 USD−39.68%0.00%Financeiro
ALSAAlpha Star Acquisition Corporation
139.125 M USD11.34 USD0.00%9.295 K0.3934.830.33 USD+2568.85%0.00%Financeiro
IIBACUIB Acquisition Corp.
137.543 M USD10.01 USD0.00%19.157 K0.650.00%Financeiro
ATEKAthena Technology Acquisition Corp. II
136.214 M USD11.32 USD0.00%4.421 K1.64274.760.04 USD+1320.69%0.00%Financeiro
ATEK.UAthena Technology Acquisition Corp. II
135.552 M USD12.40 USD+5.98%2040.250.00%Financeiro
VMCAValuence Merger Corp. I
133.765 M USD11.42 USD+0.18%8.419 K0.8344.770.26 USD+1009.13%0.00%Financeiro
LIFWMSP Recovery, Inc.
132.688 M USD0.9480 USD+14.20%1.563 M0.36−3.28 USD−103.48%0.00%Financeiro
TLGYUTLGY Acquisition Corporation
132.429 M USD11.50 USD+3.32%3430.650.00%Financeiro
TLGYTLGY Acquisition Corporation
132.254 M USD11.33 USD−0.18%4670.0130.910.37 USD−9.53%0.00%Financeiro
ZLSWUZalatoris II Acquisition Corp
130.554 M USD10.83 USD+7.98%3060.090.00%Financeiro
ZLSZalatoris II Acquisition Corp
130.494 M USD10.87 USD−0.09%20.048 K0.5238.630.28 USD+283.90%0.00%Financeiro
RMGCURMG Acquisition Corp. III
127.489 M USD10.02 USD+0.80%5790.720.00%Financeiro