Empresas Americanas companies operating in one industry: Chemicals: Specialty

The list below has Empresas Americanas that operate under the same industry, Chemicals: Specialty. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry or those with the best price dynamics, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Variação %
Volume Rel
Valor de mercado
EPS dil
Crescimento EPS dil.
12M Ano a Ano
Div. yield %
Classificação dos Analistas
ALBAlbemarle Corporation
114.82 USD−6.34%3.84M1.0813.48B USD8.6113.34 USD−41.57%1.31%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
ALTOAlto Ingredients, Inc.
2.17 USD−1.36%678.969K1.06165.224M USD−0.59 USD−267.39%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
AMTXAemetis, Inc
3.86 USD+10.29%725.704K1.66152.494M USD−1.25 USD+49.96%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
APDAir Products and Chemicals, Inc.
228.09 USD+0.55%1.927M0.5850.705B USD21.8110.46 USD+3.19%3.09%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
ASIXAdvanSix Inc.
27.62 USD−4.69%393.395K2.37744.461M USD14.501.90 USD−67.70%2.10%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
AVTRAvantor, Inc.
24.05 USD+1.22%7.368M0.8716.313B USD50.820.47 USD−51.44%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
BAKBraskem SA
7.93 USD+1.41%1.462M1.623.128B USD−2.36 USD−375.11%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
CBTCabot Corporation
80.70 USD−1.24%278.671K0.564.473B USD10.467.71 USD+25.73%1.92%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
CCChemours Company (The)
28.47 USD+1.24%1.225M0.824.226B USD−2.08 USD−137.03%3.56%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
CDXSCodexis, Inc.
2.89 USD−9.12%604.347K1.26201.809M USD−1.21 USD−152.54%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
CECelanese Corporation
149.37 USD−1.12%1.203M1.9916.26B USD8.0518.56 USD+22.69%1.85%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência Neutra
CHXChampionX Corporation
29.85 USD−1.32%1.115M0.595.704B USD18.981.57 USD+109.62%1.12%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
CMPCompass Minerals Intl Inc
22.59 USD−0.44%473.052K0.58933.222M USD−1.46 USD−81.39%2.64%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
DNMRDanimer Scientific, Inc.
0.9875 USD−4.13%984.621K0.84100.76M USD−1.41 USD+12.92%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
DOWDow Inc.
54.71 USD−1.39%4.494M0.9938.422B USD67.220.81 USD−86.97%5.05%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência Neutra
DQDAQO New Energy Corp.
19.09 USD−2.70%883.931K0.921.471B USD2.178.79 USD−58.82%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
ECLEcolab Inc.
216.39 USD+0.47%1.189M0.7361.701B USD45.214.79 USD+25.62%1.00%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência Neutra
ECVTEcovyst Inc.
9.82 USD−0.81%506.374K0.971.14B USD19.050.52 USD+13.09%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
FEAM5E Advanced Materials, Inc.
1.17 USD−10.38%168.291K1.4973.728M USD−0.91 USD+30.52%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência Neutra
FFFutureFuel Corp.
5.80 USD−0.85%214.063K0.53253.827M USD8.770.66 USD+27.88%4.10%Industrias de Processamento
GELGenesis Energy, L.P.
11.13 USD−0.27%372.993K0.801.364B USD50.520.22 USD5.38%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
GEVOGevo, Inc.
0.8740 USD−1.24%4.197M0.51210.197M USD−0.31 USD+24.46%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
GPREGreen Plains, Inc.
22.75 USD−1.26%704.125K0.391.462B USD−1.62 USD+32.48%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
GUREGulf Resources, Inc.
1.35 USD−4.84%33.271K1.7914.083M USD−0.55 USD−149.22%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
HGASGlobal Gas Corporation
2.46 USD+1.65%1.868K0.7813.354M USD−1.17 USD−519.67%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
HTOOFusion Fuel Green PLC
2.48 USD+8.77%3.268M0.3936.999M USD0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
HWKNHawkins, Inc.
69.52 USD−0.20%125.35K0.851.456B USD19.963.48 USD+24.02%0.89%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
KOPKoppers Holdings Inc.
50.14 USD−1.82%74.598K0.791.044B USD11.914.21 USD+26.16%0.47%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
KROKronos Worldwide Inc
8.49 USD−3.96%299.18K1.86976.579M USD−0.55 USD−140.94%8.60%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Baixa
KWRQuaker Houghton
202.53 USD−0.15%83.998K1.083.642B USD223.490.91 USD−79.21%0.88%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
LINLinde plc
435.96 USD+1.00%1.869M1.00211.393B USD34.6112.60 USD+52.89%1.18%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
LODEComstock Inc.
0.4718 USD−0.27%217.806K0.7255.607M USD−0.23 USD+60.94%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
LOOPLoop Industries, Inc.
2.72 USD−6.53%21.145K0.95129.279M USD−0.22 USD+74.30%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
LTBRLightbridge Corporation
2.94 USD−2.33%41.973K0.7838.111M USD−0.63 USD+52.03%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
LWLGLightwave Logic, Inc.
4.59 USD−3.57%608.87K1.06536.511M USD−0.19 USD−1.65%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
LYBLyondellBasell Industries NV
96.27 USD−1.46%1.79M0.9131.191B USD14.886.47 USD−45.09%5.06%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
MATVMativ Holdings, Inc.
12.07 USD−4.21%477.303K1.13654.202M USD−8.52 USD−611.91%7.94%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
MEOHMethanex Corporation
41.97 USD−10.80%1.08M3.192.828B USD16.112.61 USD−38.74%1.55%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
MTXMinerals Technologies Inc.
71.52 USD−1.22%338.219K1.542.328B USD27.632.59 USD−30.41%0.35%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
NEUNewMarket Corp
609.13 USD+1.85%48.795K1.315.842B USD15.0740.41 USD+44.99%1.48%Industrias de Processamento
NXGLNexGel, Inc
2.01 USD−6.07%7.744K0.5616.688M USD−0.48 USD+53.42%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
OECOrion S.A.
22.48 USD−3.64%645.582K1.521.302B USD13.011.73 USD−0.59%0.35%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
ORGNOrigin Materials, Inc.
0.5205 USD−4.83%1.331M0.7275.097M USD1.480.35 USD−26.49%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
PRLBProto Labs, Inc.
35.98 USD−1.07%209.065K0.82927.777M USD54.440.66 USD0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência Neutra
REXREX American Resources Corporation
42.01 USD−4.65%85.58K0.91735.332M USD15.142.77 USD+20.51%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
ROGRogers Corporation
119.18 USD+0.42%196.218K1.422.219B USD22.225.36 USD+40.29%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
RYAMRayonier Advanced Materials Inc.
4.62 USD0.00%284.681K0.63301.887M USD−0.56 USD+32.71%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
SCLStepan Company
90.93 USD−2.34%128.323K1.452.034B USD51.941.75 USD−72.54%1.58%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
SQMSociedad Quimica y Minera S.A.
42.41 USD−2.21%2.019M1.3412.339B USD4.0910.36 USD−3.78%7.53%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
TANHTantech Holdings Ltd.
0.7882 USD−18.74%968.527K0.652.726M USD0.431.81 USD0.00%Industrias de Processamento
TROXTronox Holdings plc
14.55 USD+2.61%1.815M1.432.281B USD−2.02 USD−164.26%3.53%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta
TSETrinseo PLC
4.50 USD−5.86%486.337K1.05158.379M USD−19.93 USD−60.85%3.56%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência Neutra
TTITetra Technologies, Inc.
3.87 USD−1.78%763.927K0.65503.406M USD18.190.21 USD+236.18%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
Alta forte
UGUnited-Guardian, Inc.
8.25 USD−4.18%9.258K0.7237.9M USD15.020.55 USD−16.08%4.76%Industrias de Processamento
VHIValhi, Inc.
12.90 USD−1.30%6.208K0.90364.922M USD−0.89 USD−116.75%2.45%Industrias de Processamento
VIVKVivakor, Inc.
0.8800 USD−1.13%8.419K1.0323.074M USD−1.07 USD−56.61%0.00%Industrias de Processamento
WLKWestlake Corporation
132.81 USD−7.87%1.853M5.7317.018B USD36.113.68 USD−78.76%1.19%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência Neutra
WLKPWestlake Chemical Partners LP
21.92 USD−1.75%55.634K2.24772.201M USD14.191.55 USD−15.37%8.45%Industrias de Processamento
Tendência de Alta