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Variação %
Volume Rel
Valor de mercado
EPS dil
Crescimento EPS dil.
12M Ano a Ano
Div. yield %
Classificação dos Analistas
AAGRAfrican Agriculture Holdings Inc.
0.8000 USD0.00%31.758K0.3646.293M USD−0.30 USD−40.14%0.00%
ACBAurora Cannabis Inc.
3.23 USD−0.38%467.942K0.4550.762M USD0.359.26 USD0.00%
Tendência de Alta
ADMArcher-Daniels-Midland Company
53.65 USD−0.10%568.169K0.1328.613B USD7.477.18 USD−0.88%3.35%
Tendência Neutra
AFRIForafric Global PLC
10.43 USD+0.29%10.945K0.46593.249M USD0.00%
AGROAdecoagro S.A.
10.04 USD+0.25%39.202K0.081.08B USD7.361.36 USD−6.65%3.27%
Tendência de Alta
AINAlbany International Corporation
91.50 USD−0.27%3.722K0.043.022B USD28.953.16 USD−5.46%1.10%
Tendência de Alta
AKANAkanda Corp.
0.2952 USD−1.11%26.177K0.041.188M USD−4.08 USD0.00%
ALBAlbemarle Corporation
117.02 USD−0.98%540.534K0.1513.738B USD8.7813.34 USD−41.57%1.35%
Tendência de Alta
ALCOAlico, Inc.
27.90 USD−0.85%1.543K0.04212.619M USD4.436.29 USD0.71%
Alta forte
ALTOAlto Ingredients, Inc.
2.17 USD−1.81%125.048K0.20165.224M USD−0.59 USD−267.39%0.00%
Alta forte
AMBPArdagh Metal Packaging S.A.
3.54 USD−0.70%322.106K0.292.112B USD−0.08 USD−121.25%11.24%
Tendência de Alta
AMCRAmcor plc
9.26 USD−0.05%984.939K0.1013.377B USD21.020.44 USD−38.17%5.32%
Tendência Neutra
AMLIAmerican Lithium Corp.
0.6839 USD−3.68%220.866K0.65146.803M USD−0.15 USD−27.33%0.00%
Alta forte
AMTXAemetis, Inc
3.54 USD+0.85%68.7K0.14139.852M USD−1.25 USD+49.96%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
APDAir Products and Chemicals, Inc.
232.12 USD+0.27%237.464K0.1151.599B USD22.1910.46 USD+3.19%3.02%
Tendência de Alta
APTAlpha Pro Tech, Ltd.
5.39 USD+0.28%9.298K0.1862.72M USD17.510.31 USD+21.02%0.00%
ARQArq, Inc.
3.31 USD+1.22%10.084K0.15110.054M USD−0.77 USD−22550.00%0.00%
Alta forte
ASIXAdvanSix Inc.
27.76 USD−0.14%8.851K0.04741.193M USD14.571.90 USD−67.70%2.19%
Alta forte
ASPNAspen Aerogels, Inc.
17.00 USD+0.86%117.866K0.061.297B USD−0.66 USD+70.18%0.00%
Alta forte
ATRAptarGroup, Inc.
141.11 USD−0.25%22.17K0.059.316B USD33.214.25 USD+18.59%1.14%
Tendência de Alta
AUVIApplied UV, Inc.
1.63 USD−4.68%42.638K0.242.031M USD−151.94 USD−30.93%0.00%
AVDAmerican Vanguard Corporation
10.69 USD−1.25%9.513K0.06307.198M USD71.330.15 USD−84.02%1.11%
Alta forte
AVNTAvient Corporation
39.03 USD−0.62%23.886K0.053.558B USD47.360.82 USD−50.27%2.55%
Tendência de Alta
AVOMission Produce, Inc.
10.52 USD+0.49%11.548K0.06744.147M USD−0.04 USD+91.82%0.00%
Alta forte
AVTRAvantor, Inc.
24.46 USD−0.55%523.089K0.0616.587B USD51.680.47 USD−51.44%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
AVYAvery Dennison Corporation
214.99 USD−0.66%52.703K0.1317.308B USD34.676.20 USD−32.68%1.47%
Tendência de Alta
AXTAAxalta Coating Systems Ltd.
32.23 USD+0.50%169.225K0.067.095B USD26.731.21 USD+39.80%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
71.66 USD−0.82%21.833K0.121.797B USD25.202.84 USD+913.90%0.94%
Tendência de Alta
BAKBraskem SA
8.27 USD−0.84%330.569K0.273.328B USD−2.36 USD−375.11%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
BALLBall Corporation
62.63 USD+1.64%142.925K0.0719.769B USD28.092.23 USD+0.00%1.30%
Tendência de Alta
1.17 USD−3.31%85.072K0.06207.282M USD−0.26 USD+45.37%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
BCANBYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc.
0.1809 USD−10.89%446.264K0.297.172M USD−0.08 USD−155.04%0.00%
BGBunge Limited
94.23 USD−0.01%209.696K0.1013.69B USD7.3012.92 USD+31.41%2.73%
Tendência de Alta
BIOXBioceres Crop Solutions Corp.
12.92 USD+1.65%15.884K0.16811.334M USD37.180.35 USD0.00%
Alta forte
CALMCal-Maine Foods, Inc.
57.32 USD−0.16%58.041K0.132.808B USD6.199.26 USD−4.44%5.36%
Tendência Neutra
CBTCabot Corporation
83.03 USD+0.51%15.656K0.044.602B USD10.767.71 USD+25.73%1.90%
Tendência de Alta
CCChemours Company (The)
29.69 USD−0.03%108.277K0.074.407B USD−2.08 USD−137.03%3.37%
Tendência de Alta
CCKCrown Holdings, Inc.
77.53 USD+0.92%96.67K0.069.354B USD20.613.76 USD−36.93%1.25%
Tendência de Alta
CDXSCodexis, Inc.
2.92 USD+1.74%121.184K0.26203.897M USD−1.21 USD−152.54%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CECelanese Corporation
150.15 USD+0.41%129.112K0.1516.345B USD8.3917.91 USD+3.14%1.87%
Tendência Neutra
CFCF Industries Holdings, Inc.
80.68 USD+1.23%437.236K0.1915.414B USD10.307.84 USD−51.98%2.01%
Tendência de Alta
CGAChina Green Agriculture, Inc.
2.57 USD−5.17%5.053K0.3935.517M USD−1.22 USD+79.29%0.00%
CGCCanopy Growth Corporation
3.23 USD−4.19%1.08M0.29294.191M USD−16.37 USD+71.15%0.00%
Tendência de Baixa
CHXChampionX Corporation
30.94 USD+0.62%167.015K0.125.913B USD19.671.57 USD+109.62%1.11%
Tendência de Alta
CLWClearwater Paper Corporation
37.98 USD−2.44%40.596K0.28626.058M USD5.976.36 USD+136.31%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
CMPCompass Minerals Intl Inc
21.64 USD+2.41%38.575K0.05893.976M USD−1.46 USD−81.39%2.84%
Tendência de Alta
CNXAConnexa Sports Technologies Inc.
0.2040 USD−18.11%1.328M0.17700.98K USD−43.14 USD+72.18%0.00%
CRESYCresud S.A.C.I.F. y A.
8.32 USD−0.24%28.512K0.15663.113M USD8.11%
CSWICSW Industrials, Inc.
228.40 USD+0.17%14.753K0.173.548B USD36.656.23 USD+10.76%0.33%
Alta forte
CTMCastellum, Inc.
0.3097 USD+2.89%171.256K1.4016.423M USD−0.49 USD−11.80%0.00%
Alta forte
CTVACorteva, Inc.
54.85 USD+0.26%267.981K0.0738.493B USD53.841.02 USD−35.01%1.13%
Tendência de Alta
CULPCulp, Inc.
5.00 USD−0.58%7.42K0.4762.357M USD−1.57 USD+20.20%0.00%
CVGWCalavo Growers, Inc.
27.93 USD−0.32%25.548K0.19497.115M USD−0.47 USD−33.47%1.43%
Tendência de Alta
DDDuPont de Nemours, Inc.
70.32 USD+0.56%257.96K0.0929.364B USD75.970.93 USD−92.24%2.06%
Tendência de Alta
DNMRDanimer Scientific, Inc.
1.09 USD−4.39%139.085K0.12111.218M USD−1.41 USD+12.92%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
DOWDow Inc.
56.59 USD+1.05%861.131K0.1939.743B USD69.530.81 USD−86.97%5.00%
Tendência Neutra
DQDAQO New Energy Corp.
18.16 USD−0.44%186.1K0.211.368B USD2.078.79 USD−58.82%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
ECLEcolab Inc.
220.73 USD+0.46%150.163K0.1062.937B USD46.124.79 USD+25.62%0.98%
Tendência Neutra
ECVTEcovyst Inc.
9.82 USD+0.92%57.224K0.111.14B USD19.050.52 USD+13.09%0.00%
Alta forte
EDBLEdible Garden AG Incorporated
0.4211 USD−1.06%35.676K0.222.403M USD−11.56 USD+74.14%0.00%
Alta forte
EMNEastman Chemical Company
87.10 USD+0.79%57.113K0.0710.22B USD11.617.50 USD+19.20%3.68%
Tendência de Alta
ESIElement Solutions Inc.
23.42 USD−0.53%231.06K0.155.666B USD49.170.48 USD−36.57%1.36%
Alta forte
EVAEnviva Inc.
0.3197 USD−0.84%163.596K0.0423.817M USD−4.85 USD−142.05%1122.83%
Tendência de Baixa
FAMIFarmmi, Inc. Ordinary Shares
1.12 USD+1.81%81.403K0.047.046M USD5.610.20 USD−88.08%0.00%
FDPFresh Del Monte Produce, Inc.
24.09 USD+0.50%18.378K0.091.159B USD10.232.35 USD+63.40%3.13%
Alta forte
FEAM5E Advanced Materials, Inc.
1.15 USD+9.52%37.949K0.2972.779M USD−0.91 USD+30.52%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
FFFutureFuel Corp.
5.92 USD+1.72%111.549K0.41259.078M USD8.960.66 USD+27.88%4.12%
FMCFMC Corporation
51.53 USD−0.23%121.099K0.056.429B USD4.8910.53 USD+81.63%4.49%
Tendência de Alta
FSIFlexible Solutions International Inc.
1.94 USD−0.30%1.509K0.0924.176M USD6.570.30 USD−6.69%0.00%
Alta forte
FTEKFuel Tech, Inc.
1.07 USD−0.93%10.324K0.2332.512M USD−0.05 USD−9.43%0.00%
Alta forte
FULH. B. Fuller Company
78.45 USD+0.05%9.79K0.044.253B USD30.302.59 USD−20.64%1.03%
Tendência de Alta
GEFGreif Inc.
62.79 USD−0.16%13.155K0.112.937B USD10.186.17 USD−2.38%3.24%
Tendência de Alta
GEF.BGreif, Inc. Corporation
62.95 USD+0.21%1.029K0.122.948B USD7.588.31 USD−12.28%4.86%
Tendência de Alta
GELGenesis Energy, L.P.
11.03 USD+1.29%65.159K0.141.352B USD50.070.22 USD5.51%
Tendência de Alta
GEVOGevo, Inc.
0.8548 USD+1.42%886.154K0.12205.579M USD−0.31 USD+24.46%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
GLTGlatfelter Corporation
2.07 USD+0.49%79.913K0.0793.33M USD−1.75 USD+59.56%0.00%
GPKGraphic Packaging Holding Company
26.57 USD−0.32%310.773K0.088.13B USD11.362.34 USD+38.71%1.50%
Tendência de Alta
GPREGreen Plains, Inc.
22.39 USD−0.80%84.397K0.061.439B USD−1.62 USD+32.48%0.00%
Alta forte
GUREGulf Resources, Inc.
1.37 USD−1.44%5.953K0.2414.292M USD−0.55 USD−149.22%0.00%
HGASGlobal Gas Corporation
2.00 USD+0.66%2.953K0.4410.857M USD−1.17 USD−519.67%0.00%
HTOOFusion Fuel Green PLC
1.81 USD−6.96%245.566K0.0326.929M USD0.00%
Tendência de Alta
HUNHuntsman Corporation
26.62 USD+1.68%742.166K0.344.64B USD50.970.52 USD−75.79%3.63%
Tendência Neutra
HWKNHawkins, Inc.
68.32 USD−1.50%4.772K0.031.431B USD19.613.48 USD+24.02%0.89%
Tendência de Alta
ICLICL Group Ltd.
5.14 USD−0.39%110.776K0.126.628B USD7.790.66 USD−56.38%7.32%
Tendência Neutra
IONRioneer Ltd
3.54 USD−3.83%1.323K0.09186.832M USD−0.06 USD+63.44%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
IOSPInnospec Inc.
123.58 USD−0.31%13.926K0.143.073B USD22.215.56 USD+4.44%1.14%
Tendência de Alta
IPInternational Paper Company
34.57 USD+0.22%520.962K0.1211.972B USD40.270.86 USD−84.25%5.36%
Tendência Neutra
ITPIT Tech Packaging, Inc.
0.3340 USD+7.74%72.546K0.513.362M USD−1.78 USD−1673.85%0.00%
IVPInspire Veterinary Partners, Inc.
0.1031 USD+3.41%1.646M0.09875.997K USD−1.67 USD−411.91%0.00%
KOPKoppers Holdings Inc.
51.90 USD−0.50%6.986K0.071.081B USD12.334.21 USD+26.16%0.46%
Alta forte
KROKronos Worldwide Inc
8.64 USD+0.35%28.902K0.15993.833M USD−0.55 USD−140.94%8.83%
Tendência de Baixa
KRTKarat Packaging Inc.
27.27 USD−0.26%5.35K0.08544.382M USD16.441.66 USD+33.43%2.38%
Alta forte
KWRQuaker Houghton
200.75 USD−0.65%13.885K0.153.61B USD221.530.91 USD−79.21%0.88%
Alta forte
LACLithium Americas Corp.
4.17 USD−0.95%653.715K0.26672.665M USD−0.09 USD0.00%
Tendência de Alta
LINLinde plc
447.57 USD+0.12%243.714K0.17217.022B USD35.5312.60 USD+52.89%1.14%
Tendência de Alta
LITMSnow Lake Resources Ltd.
1.06 USD−3.64%11.29K0.2519.277M USD0.00%
LMNRLimoneira Co
17.67 USD−0.56%9200.03318.165M USD38.430.46 USD1.69%
Alta forte
LNDBrasilagro Brazilian Agric Real Estate Co Sponsored
4.78 USD−0.42%20.698K0.38478.394M USD8.900.54 USD+94.14%13.22%
LODEComstock Inc.
0.4500 USD−2.17%86.656K0.2753.038M USD−0.23 USD+60.94%0.00%
Alta forte
LOOPLoop Industries, Inc.
3.20 USD0.00%6210.04152.093M USD−0.22 USD+74.30%0.00%
Alta forte