Empresas Americanas companies operating in one industry: Advertising/Marketing Services

The list below has Empresas Americanas that operate under the same industry, Advertising/Marketing Services. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry or those with the best price dynamics, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Variação %
Volume Rel
Valor de mercado
EPS dil
Crescimento EPS dil.
12M Ano a Ano
Div. yield %
Classificação dos Analistas
ABLVAble View Global Inc.
3.03 USD+0.33%5.652K0.11128.348M USD0.00%Serviços Comerciais
ADVAdvantage Solutions Inc.
3.81 USD+0.79%1.183M2.501.244B USD−0.20 USD+95.39%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Tendência de Alta
ANTEAirNet Technology Inc.
1.14 USD+2.67%42.966K0.175.128M USD−2.44 USD−4071.22%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
ASSTAsset Entities Inc.
0.5235 USD+3.12%12.962K0.137.204M USD−0.28 USD−754.60%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
BAOSBaosheng Media Group Holdings Limited
3.51 USD+2.94%35.828K0.245.386M USD−11.44 USD0.00%Serviços Comerciais
BOCBoston Omaha Corporation
16.41 USD+3.21%177.429K1.54513.715M USD1163.830.01 USD0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Alta forte
CAUDCollective Audience, Inc.
0.9500 USD+1.39%77.168K0.7113.04M USD−1.01 USD−168.62%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
CCOClear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.
1.72 USD+1.18%2.452M0.69831.999M USD−0.62 USD−199.95%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Tendência de Alta
CNETZW Data Action Technologies Inc.
0.9700 USD+1.25%22.627K0.376.988M USD−1.20 USD−32.19%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
CPOPPop Culture Group Co., Ltd
3.49 USD+0.58%86.193K0.018.512M USD−1.01 USD−676.14%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
CREXCreative Realities, Inc.
4.13 USD+0.73%42.305K0.5842.989M USD−0.73 USD−504.63%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Alta forte
CRTOCriteo S.A.
32.35 USD−0.40%300.044K0.921.804B USD36.640.88 USD+619.06%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Tendência de Alta
DLPNDolphin Entertainment, Inc.
1.33 USD−2.92%58.868K1.1824.128M USD−1.38 USD−146.48%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Alta forte
DRCTDirect Digital Holdings, Inc.
22.24 USD+3.54%215.999K1.01317.374M USD93.960.24 USD0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Alta forte
EASTEastside Distilling, Inc.
1.11 USD−0.45%30.835K0.051.726M USD−18.36 USD−54.69%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
FCUVFocus Universal Inc.
0.4200 USD+21.39%99.704K0.2727.225M USD−0.07 USD−1.13%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
HAOHaoxi Health Technology Limited
7.20 USD−3.87%155.519K5.82229.536M USD0.00%Serviços Comerciais
15.96 USD+1.46%115.223K1.09280.451M USD10.141.57 USD+66.08%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Tendência de Alta
ICLKiClick Interactive Asia Group Limited
3.84 USD−0.65%2.12K0.1837.456M USD0.00%Serviços Comerciais
IPGInterpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (The)
31.40 USD−1.07%5.112M1.5611.892B USD11.022.85 USD+19.99%3.95%Serviços Comerciais
Tendência de Alta
IZEAIZEA Worldwide, Inc.
2.00 USD−1.96%90.764K2.1530.908M USD−0.43 USD−107.72%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Alta forte
LDWYLendway, Inc.
5.35 USD−4.46%6.696K0.179.34M USD−0.55 USD−110.04%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
LQRLQR House Inc.
3.14 USD+12.95%117.024K1.04Serviços Comerciais
Alta forte
MCHXMarchex, Inc.
1.37 USD−2.84%39.667K0.2659.344M USD−0.29 USD−88.55%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Alta forte
MGOLMGO Global Inc.
0.3666 USD−9.95%738.274K0.575.221M USD−0.40 USD0.00%Serviços Comerciais
NCMINational CineMedia, Inc.
4.06 USD+0.25%207.19K0.77392.947M USD0.705.79 USD0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Tendência Neutra
NEXNNexxen International Ltd. - American Depository Shares
5.14 USD−2.47%44.773K0.91375.472M USD−0.27 USD−149.48%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Tendência de Alta
NUKKNukkleus Inc.
0.9370 USD−3.26%278.383K0.7513.024M USD−0.10 USD+57.80%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
NXTPNextPlay Technologies, Inc.
1.11 USD−4.31%20.011K0.636.627M USD0.00%Serviços Comerciais
OMCOmnicom Group Inc.
88.39 USD+0.33%1.65M1.3017.501B USD12.776.92 USD+8.63%3.17%Serviços Comerciais
Tendência de Alta
QNSTQuinStreet, Inc.
14.63 USD+0.55%437.736K1.06803.048M USD−1.45 USD−408.84%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Tendência de Alta
SBETSharpLink Gaming, Inc.
1.42 USD+4.03%7.433K0.334.445M USD0.00%Serviços Comerciais
SGRPSPAR Group, Inc.
1.04 USD0.00%10.48K1.1624.171M USD17.280.06 USD0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Alta forte
STBXStarbox Group Holdings Ltd.
0.2930 USD−0.37%61.831K0.2521.062M USD0.00%Serviços Comerciais
STCNSteel Connect, Inc. Common Stock
8.95 USD+2.29%1.498K0.3556.092M USD15.590.57 USD−67.10%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
SWAGStran & Company, Inc.
1.50 USD−5.06%31.263K1.4027.86M USD−0.02 USD+82.09%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
THRYThryv Holdings, Inc.
20.94 USD+2.25%314.749K1.55744.58M USD−7.48 USD−639.35%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Alta forte
VERIVeritone, Inc.
2.29 USD+11.98%470.299K0.7885.027M USD−2.14 USD−44.30%0.00%Serviços Comerciais
Tendência de Baixa
VSMEVS Media Holdings Limited
0.4890 USD+3.21%177.896K0.14Serviços Comerciais
44.85 USD−0.77%95.251K0.829.543B USD72.270.62 USD−83.28%5.51%Serviços Comerciais
Tendência Neutra