Angle & Price Flow

This is a simple end of the day indicator based on open and close values.

Identifying narrow angles helps to find breakouts
Maximum angle = High chance of reversal
Minimum angle = Chance of breakouts on the next day or upcoming days.

Price Flow:
I personally use price flow to simplify the flow of candlestick chart and to identify breakouts using rounding bottoms and rounding top patterns, sharp corners for reversals.

Multi time frame
Hide previous period

Combine it with other indicators for better result.
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Please note: This indicator is for after market hours for stock selection purpose only. It won't work in live market. I am refining the script. Once it is completed, I will make a write up on how I use it for stock selection and spotting the top gainer or loser of the day in advance and to select stocks for swing trading.
Sounds like a great idea, but not working with me, nothing on the chart :-/
@castifao, This is in testing stage, I am working on it to improve.
it's repaint
Arun_K_Bhaskar leeboontuck
@leeboontuck, Yes, it is a end of the day stock selection indicator not for live market.
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