Percent Ladder Scalp Helper [BVCC]

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This is a simple proof of concept model for a tool that allows you to overlay a percent reference anchored on a specific price point. It projects a ladder of horizontal lines at percent levels 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5%. It will then begin filling in target zones when price closes above these targets. Above 5% all fills will be lime green, below entry, fill will be yellow as a warning and below SL, red to remind you GTFO of the trade.

this tool is intended for use in quick trade setups where the trader is looking to scalp for small percentages and will help save time in determining % based targets. The colored alarms are a bit fancy but simply serve as a graphical feedback system that can perhaps be developed into something more useful in the future.

User may input entry price and preferred SL in the format dialogue.

If 'auto calculate sat value' is checked, then the user can enter whole numbers for their entry. For instance if your entry is at .00000585 sats , you can just enter 585. If you are working with something besides btc or prefer to enter full sat input, simply uncheck this option.

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