Cryptocurrency Profitability Rankings PRO Customisable List

A good cryptocurrency may multiply your earnings - with the same effort.
This indicator helps crypto traders to find the trading securities that suit their profitability and volatility preference.
This indicator calculates and generate a ranking of profitability from a user-defined list of cryptocurrencies, based on MACD cycles within user-defined time span.
Multiple time frames: This indicator is designed for day trading, so suggested time frames are: 3m , 5m, 15m, 30m, 1H. Users can try other time frames (< 1D) if they find it useful.
This is PRO version of Cryptocurrency Profitability Rankings with Popular List, developed based on Profitability Meter for Day Trading PRO

PRO Version advanced functions:
Customisable(User-Defined) Cryptocurrency List
Option to select Open or Close price as start point for calculation.
Flexible Time Span Type: Hours and Bars, besides Days
More statistics options: Display price change(%) of latest rising/falling MACD cycle

Free trial for two weeks: Please leave a comment asking for a trial, you should get access within 48 hours. In case it doesn't work, please message the author.

Format Configuration:
Profitability Threshold: a percentage of price movement within a MACD cycle that a user thinks can be used to define profitability, defval: 0.8%.
Select open or close as start point: which can affect the results greatly, as difference between open and close can be significant, especially for big time interval.
Statistics Options
timeSpan: time span for statistics
timeSpanType: time span type for statistics
User-defined cryptocurrencies list: up to 10 items

About Customisable List of Cryptocurrency:
At present, in Pine Language, there is no method to plot a string input variable. Therefore, fixed handles are used to represent each symbol name, eg. "Sym_10". User need to remember the order of the list or refer to "Format".
Make sure to input correct tiers, eg. "BITFINEX:ETHUSD"

Related Indicators:
Profitability Meter for Day Trading PRO - Calculating and evaluating individual trading security's profitability.

About Loading Time: It may take up to 2 minutes for your browser to load a new format setting, depending on the your computer and network speed.

List of the author's Indicators

Disclaim: By using or requesting access to this indicator, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted that this indicator is for study purposes only and it does NOT guarantee you will make money.
I am not financial adviser and I am NOT responsible for any profits or losses you may incur by using this indicator!
Users should make their own decisions, carefully assess risks and be responsible for investment and trading activities.

The latest updates override the previous description. Please check the updates.

加密货币赢利潜力排行指标 PRO 自定义列表

该指标基于Profitability Meter for Day Trading PRO开发,帮助加密货币交易员找到适合其赢利性和波动率偏好的币种。
多时间维度:本指标为日内交易设计,因此建议使用时间维度:3m,5m,15m,30m,1H; 如果用户需要,也可以用于其他小于1D的维度。

免费试用两周:跟帖评论要求试用,您应该在48小时内获得访问权限。 如果没有获得,请私信开发者。

这是Cryptocurrency Profitability Rankings with Popular List的PRO版本


目前,在Pine Language中,不能打印字符串输入变量。 因此,使用顺序数字字符代表币种名称,例如。“Sym_10”。 用户需要记住其输入币种的顺序或随时参考“格式设置”中的顺序。
确保输入正确的交易所和币种名称,例如。 “BITFINEX:ETHUSD”。

日内交易盈利潜力指示仪PRO (Profitability Meter for Day Trading PRO):用于计算和评估单个交易品种的盈利能力



免责声明:在要求获得本指标使用权之前以及在使用本指标之前,用户认可已经完全了解和接受:本指标仅供教育和研究目的, 它不提供任何赢利的可能性。

最新更新会覆盖之前的说明。 请检查更新。
Notas de Lançamento: Allow default Coins to plot real name, while only user defined coins to plot "sym_#".
Notas de Lançamento: Change fixed names from "Sym_" to "Coin_".
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