PVA Volume + ATR

This indicator is actually a counterpart of the @JAPARICO indicator, if you can use the separate ATR use his, I also ask you to enjoy his indicator in the link below.

I created the PVA Candle + Dragon, in which he repatriated the indicator, I am doing the same, repatriating the indicator he created by adding the Average True Range (ATR), within the same indicator so that it can save space, many people end up leaving use for not having the necessary limit, so I decided to merge the same PVA Volume indicator so that you can use the Japa Rico strategy in a simple and easy way without being able to keep changing the indicator, the settings are easy, you will open the indicator gear in the settings -> clicking on style and changing the precision to 4 in order to apply the ATR to FOREX strategy. So the numeral ATR will be available in red, for you to use in your operations.

The code will be blocked, only @JAPARICO is the official owner of that indicator.
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