vDragon Flow Trend

I will share one of the tools that I use daily with you. Based on PVSRA (a methodology developed by Trade at Home using, price action, volume wyckoff, support / resistance, trends all in one method), it is composed of exponential averages, which I think is plausible, however, it would not be more easy if the main moving average was not made with its own volume?
Having this idea, I created this indicator, but let’s its functions and WHY you don’t waste time and use this indicator once and for all. Firstly, we know that a moving average is used to identify long-term trends, but because it is a price indicator, it takes into account PRICE, that is, being a late indicator, that is, who looks at prices, looks back and not forward, so I decided to use moving averages weighted by volume, to then make this delay in the moving average decrease considerably.

What are the benefits of using vDragon Trend instead of a normal and convenient average.

* The benefit of this indicator is to track the flow of a long-term trend, being similar to the session's VWAP, for example, but as VWAP has a limitation of only being able to show the average price of Market Makers only on the intraday, vDragon can do this, even showing the average price of these players in the long run.

* It is a fast and accurate moving average, depending on the flow entering the market, its curve will be greater than an average that reflects the price.

* The band, can increase or decrease depending on the volatility and the volume that happens.

* It takes from the Maximum to the Minimum for a certain period, just so you don't fall into springs.

* Most moving averages are not efficient on fast graphs like ticks or 1-minute graphs, but vDragon manages to adapt the graphical time, thanks to the volume, which is where we located the performance of Smart Money, remembering, I tested the vDragon within a 15-second chart on the FDAX inside the EUREX bag, and it serves a lot.

* Perhaps the best support or resistance you will find, I can give you an example, if it happens that the price rises with remarkable volume on top of vDragon, it can possibly be characterized as an absorption, sometimes too;

* can be used to identify zones of HFTs or algorithms that work with average prices in liquidity regions, since volume is also liquidity.

* can be used to identify linked accumulations in the accumulation or distribution.

There are several things for you to use vDragon as a strategy, use in a way that fits your strategy or operational.

Remembering, this indicator is my authorship
© Victor Eduardo Meireles
available to tradingview for free, be wary of anyone trying to sell you this indicator.

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