Trader Set - Ergodic Momentum

This is a price momentum indicator that is based on Ergodic formula (TSI), but the formula is tweaked and different types of averaging is allowed. by changing the type of average calculation and some predefined values (totally different from what is suggested by now) we get a nasty indicator that can easily be used both for cycle observation side by side with momentum of the price itself !

Please don't contact me for getting access, these tools are available for my students only. These are part of my "methodology" that I teach. The English version of the website and learning material is under development and I will announce it under each related script when they are ready so that those who are interested can participate in the course.
Notas de Lançamento: There is a big change in every oscillator related to my methodology, Added all sort of averaging types : HMA, RMA, EMA, WMA, SMA, KAMA, FAMA, MAMA. Also, where ever we are calculating momentum in any sort or shape, now user has the ability to switch the type between TSI and MACD, and not only that, but the selected momentum type will also use the selected averaging type !!!!
Notas de Lançamento: Final Version.
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For those of you who are interested in the methodology and tools, until the website gets ready, I created a telegram channel, see you all there :
Hello everyone, I had decided that before the English version of website and learning material comes out for students, if they want to buy tools, I make it available for them to buy.

Here is the deal :

The whole package contains 19 tools, if you want to purchase single tools from the least, each tool is 55$, but if you want the whole package, it is 1000$ saving 45$ there. Also, if in future, you want to buy the learning course, you can pay the difference of the course price with the amount you have payed to buy the tools because the learning course will come with the tools and the price of tools will be added to the course, so, if you have bought the whole package of tools you will pay less 1000$ for course, and if you have bought selected tools, we will reduce the amount you paied for the tools from the course price.

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