VVOscillator [nb]

Multiple volume oscillators in one.


As Warren Guppet once said, be “fearful when others are buying less, and greedy when others are selling less.”

Divergences are the main point of usage of all bundled indicators.

  • OBV Oscillator, remade. The formula has been changed to smooth out the way OBV is calculated during a trending move
  • OBV Oscillator, original OBV formula.
  • Price Volume Trend Oscillator. Similar to OBV, except price is taken into account as well.
  • Price Volume Trend Oscillator, log.
  • Accumulation/Distribution. (close - low) - (high - close) / (high - low), then multiplied by volume
  • Chaikin Money Flow . Very similar to accum/dist except it was already made into an oscillator.
  • OBV just by itself. Change style to line for easier interpretation.
  • Experimental function that utilizes a part of CCI

This is the unedited "Variable Volume Oscillator v1" released for free use. In the time since I've created it, I've realized it's something I'd like to share because I like it and hope you will too.
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Sorry if I haven't replied to your message yet, I'm a bit backlogged :)


still use the older version of this, is there anyway to add a automatic divergence detector to this for the obv remade version ? amazing work as always thanks again
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@BTCBOSSMAN, when I have the time I'm going to make a 'plug into anything' divergence framework, I'll see about making one specifically for the obv remade version
Very cool
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Hello NeoButane, Haven't seen your posting for a while. How are you doing?

Thanks for posting this great divergence indicator for our community <3
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Hey ICEKI, thanks for you checking up on me :) I'm doing good, just a little busy IRL. And you're welcome :D!

I hope you're doing well and your trades too! The market has been more forgiving recently I'd say, although still just as confusing haha
love this, you should add an option for some signal smoothing.
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