Kirill Channel

This indicator shows overbought and oversold zones. Can be used on all time frames. I personally use 15m - 30m.

How to apply ?:
- There can be many strategies for use! I use this indicator to buy an asset in the green zone and then sell it in the middle of the channel or in the red zone.
- I strongly advise against entering counter-trend positions in a growing market if you have little trading experience and understanding of price action.

How do I place orders ?:
- I place orders in a grid.
- If the price is very close to the edge, but it is difficult to reach it, then it is better to open a position on the market and place orders deep into the grid.
- If the price is at the edge of the channel for a very long time, then you need to look at a higher timeframe.

Algorithm composition:
- Keltner Channel
- Fibonacci Retracement
- Custom price percent offset calculations and manipulations.

- I strongly do not recommend changing ALMA . These numbers have been specially calculated.
- It's better not to change Borders either. The current algorithm dynamically changes the width of the extreme channels depending on the price movement.
- The Keltner Channel was specially selected.
- Fibonacci Retracement can be changed. This part of the algorithm can be modified to suit your needs. At the moment, there are settings for aggressive trading.

Channel type:
- Conservative: Fibonacci Retracement settings (100 ma, 100 atr, 8 mult, 100 smooth)
- Aggressive: Fibonacci Retracement settings (25 ma, 25 atr, 3.5 mult, 100 smooth)

Сonservative channel does not allow a large number of points to enter positions, however, it is more straightforward and safer for very large movements.
I prefer aggressive settings because they allow me to make more profit on the number of trades.

Try to use both modes and choose what is preferable for you.
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