sVPSA - standardized Volume Price Spread Analysis

Dear Analysts and Traders,

I want to introduce my new indicator - sVPSA - standardized Volume Price Spread Analysis. For me, this script is helpfully in Technical Analysis mainly with Wyckoff and VSA methodologies. Maybe You are in circle of people who used my previous script - normalized Volume Price Spread Analysis. I work with him a lot of time, but I come to a conclusion that I can do better...

Theory concept...

What is a big volume? How big was this spread? It was extreme high or just high? How to do an answer for this and a lot other questions related to this subject? My thoughts was directed to statistics. In my first script I used to x/max normalized data. It was good, but susceptible for high deviation events. So, I choose standardization method with smaller sensitivity on violent events - z-Score standardization Description of z-Score formula:

Z = (x-mean)/standard deviation

Probability of event are descriptive by probability density function - The Normal Distribution.

This is base of script methodology, let’s go deeper in indicator.

X axis is time, date. Y axis is standard deviation. Narrow bar represent price spread, wide one is volume. Colors are corresponding to deviation, blue < sigma, green > sigma, red > 2*sigma and fuchsia > 3*sigma. Appearance is full editable.
Data collection starts from left to right. There is two possibilities to use, constans number of bars or visible data range, also indicator permit to overscore linear regression from data. There is a possibility to set an alert.
Short introduction how put an interpretation on visualized data.

For this example I used constans value of data collection, 52 bars. So, from left I see great, fuchsia volume bar with low spread. This record respond Celsius withdrawals pause. This is bar with the biggest volume on presented chart, more than four sigmas. Spread value is near one sigma. I should consider this via one of Wyckoffs laws - effort vs result. I see a three bars in turn, they tenor tells me that bear market is possible near end. Accumulation structure near new year, spring test and bullish momentum bar near march are approval of this idea. Next high spread bars have volume near mean value. Effort is low but result is great. Interesting is last bar, with -2,8 deviation of volume. I see the lowest volume value on chart, so he’s deviation is strong to negative side. This script require a little of practise and can be a potent tool in Technical Analysis.

If You have a concept how to improve my script or You experience bug, please, send me feedback.

I hope that You consider my work as useful.

I wish You great trades and faultless analysis.


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