ICT Killzone Boxes

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Plots London Open Killzone and New York Open Killzone as overlay boxes using current daily high / lows. Boxes verticle location will move as days range / high and low widens.

Middle fills can be turned on and off. Created this indicator because i didnt like highlighting the whole chart background as seen in other ICT Killzone indicators on tradingview and wanted something visually clearer.

If you want additional killzones such as london close / new york close, add the indicator to the chart twice.

Boxes height can be changed. Positive number puts the box outside current days high and low, negative number puts box inside current days high and low.

Adapted from Chris Moody's original indicator HLOC

Sorry for my ugly code. Presented as is - feel free to tweak / modify and change.
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Hi Bryce - Would it be possible to add the Asia session to this? - I've tried but I have no clue haha - Cheers
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whalewannabe ZephyrCrypto
@ZephyrCrypto, late to the party but here's my frankenstein attempt which seems to work (not a coder).
ZephyrCrypto whalewannabe
@whalewannabe, - Hi Mate - Thanks for the effort, unfortunately no Asia session for me when I added it to a chart.
whalewannabe ZephyrCrypto
@ZephyrCrypto, how strange - it's working for me:

No problem - I've actually since found better script than my mish-mash effort. Search for 'FXN asian session' in the indicators tab, does the same thing in addition to displaying the ADR for each session and projecting the highs/lows of the asian range forward, I'm pretty much just using a customised version of this now.
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I actually modified your script and added
1.The Asia session and the London close.
2.Modified the time to match that in the mentorship.
3.Modified the Settings instead of just "Box 1" it now has names for every box zones to make it easy to know
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lalithB12 leonsholo
Can you please share it
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