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What kind of traders/investors are we?

We are trend followers. We look for assets that are outperforming the market. Our scripts are designed to be used on the higher timeframes (weekly/daily) to catch the large moves/trends in the market.

Our scripts have been designed to help you follow the trend in an asset.

What does this script do?

This script is designed to colour candles on a chart based on their position relative to two sets of Bollinger Bands. Here's a breakdown of how it functions:

Bollinger Bands Setup:

  • The script uses two sets of Bollinger Bands, both with a length of 20 and based on the closing prices of candles.
  • The first set of Bollinger Bands uses a standard deviation (StdDev) of 1.
  • The second set uses a standard deviation of 2.
  • Neither set of bands is displayed on the chart.

Coloring Candles:

Green Candle: A candle is coloured green if its close is above the upper Bollinger Band with StdDev 1 but below the upper Bollinger Band with StdDev 2. This indicates a moderately bullish sentiment.

Dark Green Candle: A candle is colored dark green when its close is above the upper Bollinger Band with StdDev 2. This implies a stronger bullish sentiment.

Red Candle: A candle is coloured red if its close is below the lower Bollinger Band with StdDev 1 but above the lower Bollinger Band with StdDev 2. This indicates a moderately bearish sentiment.

Dark Red Candle: A candle is colored dark red if its close is below the lower Bollinger Band with StdDev 2, indicating a stronger bearish sentiment.

Grey Candle: A candle is coloured grey if it closes between the upper and lower Bollinger Bands with StdDev 1. This usually signifies a neutral market condition or periods of consolidation.

In summary, this script is an analytical tool that visually represents the market's bullishness or bearishness relative to the Bollinger Bands, without displaying the bands themselves. It's designed to help investors quickly assess market conditions and sentiment based on the colour-coded representation of price action in relation to these volatility bands.

What makes this script unique?

  • Innovative Color-Coding System: Candles are colored in varying shades of green and red, providing an immediate visual cue about the market's bullish or bearish tendencies. A neutral grey is also used, offering a quick assessment of market indecision or consolidation phases.
  • Dual Bollinger Band Analysis: Utilizes two sets of Bollinger Bands (StdDev 1 and StdDev 2) to gauge market volatility and sentiment. This dual-band approach enhances the precision of sentiment analysis compared to using a single standard deviation.
  • Customizable and Non-Obtrusive: Designed to keep your charts clean and readable. The Bollinger Bands themselves are not displayed, reducing visual clutter and allowing for a focus on price action.
  • Versatile and Adaptable: Suitable for various trading styles and timeframes. Whether you are a short-term or long-term investor, this indicator can be seamlessly integrated into your analysis toolkit.
  • Valuable Addition to Market Analysis: Enhances traditional candlestick analysis and complements other technical indicators and strategies. It offers an additional layer of understanding market dynamics and can be used to confirm or question other signals.

How It Adds Value:

  • Enhanced Visual Analysis: By colour-coding candles based on Bollinger Band positioning, it simplifies the interpretation of market sentiment and volatility, making it easier to spot trends and reversals.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Helps traders make more informed decisions by clearly highlighting bullish and bearish strength, or lack thereof, in the market.
  • Time Efficiency: Reduces the time spent analyzing charts by providing an immediate visual representation of market conditions.
  • Originality: Offers a fresh perspective and an innovative approach to using Bollinger Bands, making it a unique addition to the community's toolbox.
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Updated to version 5.

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