Running Average [EXPERIMENT]

Predicting the future has nothing to do with trading, understanding your indicator and knowing how to use it does.

Probably not the most efficient code, oh well..
Let me know if it's useful :)
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This Moving Average is the same as you find in the Ichimoku Cloud known as Baseline or Kijun-Sen, all this does is predict the next likely move based on its calculation.
You can use this like any other moving average following the trend based on its color or for support and resistance.

How is this useful ?
This type of moving average is very good at following the current direction of the market, either up (yellow) or down (red), staying flat means it will follow its last known direction.
By knowing the calculation of your indicator you can often tell what it is going to do before it actually happened, so you can make a plan in advance.
By looking at the marker (triangles) with in this case a 60 bars look back period, you can tell if the current movement is based on new data or old data.
The plotted prediction is always based on old data, as you can not know new price data before it has happened. Meaning if price doesn't make a new highest or lowest point since the 60 bars back (marker) the next move can be calculated and you can make your trading plan based on that data.
Could you please add some description on how to interpret this indicator , thank you
EvoCrypto RameshAkula
@RameshAkula, Posted a comment above, I should add that this was just an experiment to try and plot the future, I will probably make an update with more functions and setting one day.
RameshAkula EvoCrypto
@EvoCrypto, great , thanks a lot 👍
@EvoCrypto , Can this indicator perform on low TF.... such as TF3 or TF15...?
@MrMama, Yes, but this is just an explanation and highlights the calculation for the next likely move. This is the same moving average as you see in Ichimoku Cloud
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