Avatar trading indicator

Indicator description:

The Avatar indicator is to provide trading insights including trend and momentum, reversal points, Fibonacci retracement , and projections of future reversal or breakout levels.

Avatar is four indicators built into one.
  • Trend power: shows strength of trend and a change in momentum.
    Red: The trend has been determined and is short
    Lime: The trend has been determined and is long
    Aqua: Continuation of the down trend, but showing down trend is in weakness.
    Fuchsia: Continuation of the up trend, but showing up trend is in weakness
    Yellow: Trend is reversing or trend is missing direction

Zig Zag: is used to help identify price trends. It plots points on a chart whenever prices reverse.
The trend is graphed based on changes in price. The major trend should be used in deciding which way to enter the trade.
The minor trend is similar to the major but it is used to determine your entry point. It is easy to spot higher highs or lower lows. Take not when the minor trend fails to set a new high or a new low.

Channels : are price ranges that can provide useful trading information.
These dotted lines are provided as a quick guide to determine where the trend is headed. They show if price is getting squeezed and we should look for a break out using a flag or pennant pattern or is there an ever widening channel creating a broadening wedge . Look for hesitation or a reversal near the channel lines.

Fibonacci base on Zigzag
The Fibonacci retracement is created by taking two reverse points of major Zig Zag on a stock chart and dividing the vertical distance by the key Fibonacci ratios of 0%, 50%, and 100%.

Strategies for using the indicator
To be decided by traders. You are welcome to discuss trading strategies base on Avatar indicator, if your strategies are really good, we can write codes and do backtest on it.

1) The code use 'valuewhen' feature which will cause repaint.
2) You can not use it to setup alerts.
Script protegido
Este script é publicado como de código fechado e você pode usá-lo livremente. Você pode favoritá-lo para utilizá-lo em um gráfico. Você não pode visualizar ou modificar seu código fonte.
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