Impulse Reverse Strategy

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This is the strategy for the the "Impulse Reverse" indicator, which is an indicator that marks the candles that should be used to star a Impulse Reverse trade. The Impulse Reverse trade is a counter-trend type of trading that uses the mean reversion concept.

A mean reversion trade is a type of trade that looks for price that has moved away significantly from its mean (average) price. Every stock has its unique combination of parameters that best fit the mean reversion, the default parameters of this script is the best fit for the WIN1! 0.91% ( IBOV 0.82% Mini Future) when used on the 30m timeframe.

The Scalp flag, enable/disable scalp orders. Scalp orders are orders that is that is placed in the direction of the target, this orders is placed to increase the amount of money received when the target is reached.
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