Pivot Expotential Moving Averages

Pivot MA's indicator is a combination of the following:
  • Pivot SMA
    Pivot EMA's
    Pullback to EMA Band
    Pivot EMA's Cross Over
    Pivot Double-EMA's Cross Over
    Modified Pivot EMA's Cross Over
All the pivot EMA’s calculations are based on "Profiting With Pivot-Based Moving Averages" book by Frank Ochoa.

How to use it :-
One should have to refer this book for in depth usage of this indicator.
You can use the option's provided in the indicator and the signals have been generated according to the concept in this book.
Don't turn on multiple option's, it becomes clumsy to look.

1. Pullback to PEMA Band:-
Perhaps the most trader-friendly PEMA setup is the PEMA Pull-Back, because it forces you to trade in the direction of an established trend.
In this, u get the signal when the price retraces to 13 EMA and closes above the PEMA Band.
It is like Buy the Dips & Sell the Rips. The idea of the PEMA Pull-Back is to buy the market at a discount during an uptrend, and sell the market at a premium during a down trend.

2. PEMA Cross Over :-
The PEMA Crossover fires a signal when the fast EMA crosses the slow EMA.
If the fast EMA crosses above the slow EMA, a long signal is fired; whereas, if the fast EMA crosses below the slow EMA, a short signal is fired.
Depending on your trader personality, you will have to choose the periodicities of the two moving averages to suit your taste.
Some combination of EMA's are provided.

3. Double EMA Cross Over :-
A double exponential moving average (DEMA) is basically the EMA of an EMA, meaning the output is the second derivative of the original exponential moving average.
While an EMA is a faster moving average than the SMA, the DEMA is on another level in terms of speed.

4. Modified PEMA Cross Over :-
This system is an ultra-fast PEMA crossover signal that has built-in trend confirmation.
The Modified PEMA Crossover system fires signals in the direction of the prevailing trend, as measured by a larger moving average.
For Example, Take (1,3),21 combination. In this we use 1- and 3-period pivot EMA’s for crossovers, and use a 21-period pivot EMA for trend confirmation.
1 and 3 period EMA's are not shown in the chart, Only 21 EMA and signals are shown for clear view.
Therefore, this system will only allow bullish crossover signals to fire when price is above the 21-period pivot EMA, and will only allow bearish crossover signals to fire when price is below the 21-period average.
In essence, the results are usually highly qualified “buy the dip, and sell rip” type of opportunities.

Disclaimer :-
The PEMA setups that are covered in this indicator offer some of the ways to approach the market using moving averages.
Not all setups and styles of trading will fit all traders, no matter how profitable the approach.
You must use what fits your trader profile and your trading approach.

Thank You ..

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