Moonbot - Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy

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This is a greatly improved upon version of my cryptoTurtle. Enough has changed I didn't think it was appropriate to just update cryptoTurtle. I will possibly be selling this bot on bitcointalk in the future, stay tuned!

Buy: Above green line and green up arrow.
Sell: Sell when above top red line or bottom red line. Also sell if arrow turns down and red.
Notas de Lançamento: made more adjustments and added some profit loss prevention.
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Hi may i have the source code plz? thank you
Hi, can I please have access to the scripit? thnk you
Can i have access please?
May I please have access?
Awesome script, would love if there was a way to set up alerts for buy/sell signals
@dancovfefe, check AutoView
Blackbeard87 NikitaHilgersom
@NikitaHilgersom, how should that work? @DashTrader need to implement the code for plot, so that we can set up buy/sell signals
Please can i test this out?
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Hi @DashTrader

Could you please add an alert function. That would be a huge upgrade!

Thank you. BR
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I'd like to try this out.
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