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Over the past few weeks (as of today, which is: 12th of October 2018) there has been little to no volatility in most of the major cryptocurrencies. What volatility does come in comes and goes very quickly. It's difficult to discern good and bad moments to be in a trade. As a result I decided to create a volatility filter based on Hurst exponent market phases, Bollinger Band width, moving averages, volume and the average true range. The results are the above.

You can use this indicator against any asset or within any market. It actually reaps excellent results against the DJI and XAUUSD One of my suggested uses for it is if you're scalping, only enter a position when there is volatility (when there's no background color present). If you're swinging, only enter a position when there's low volatility (when the red background color is present).

Another way to use it (although this isn't intended, just incidental) is to take a position in the direction of the first bar after the red background has gone/after low volatility has passed. So if we get a declining candle when we exit a low volatility zone, short. Otherwise long. This is the experimental side of it though.

However, this indicator won't tell you what direction to trade in, so in order to get use from it I suggest having a trend filter and a trigger. Luckily these two things are in most traders' arsenal. If not, take a look at my other script which is a timelessly brilliant trigger for buying and selling:
Something else to consider is that the volatility is relative. If we go through a period of incredibly high volatility then afterwards we can sometimes expect the volatility filter to plot a red background even though there is still acceptable volatility left in the market. The volatility at that point is much less than the volatility beforehand.

With all that said, this easy-to-read tool will help you avoid flat periods when scalping and, conversely, help you determine good times to enter a swing trade. For those who had difficulty trading the markets as of late due to volatility, this indicator is perfect for you

Access to the filter is provided for 10$, payable in most low-transaction-fee cryptocurrencies. Access is limited to 250 customers. For more information message me through TradingView or message @overttherainbow through Telegram.

Have a nice day and good luck trading.
Notas de Lançamento:
This script better identifies market phases now than before, with a painted background meaning tight volatility and an exposed, or clear, background meaning a period of high volatility (and a great time to enter the market with the trend)

Here’s the legend for the background colors:
Red: high volatility
Golden brown: entering high volatility/moving away from high volatility
Dun yellow: entering low volatility/moving away from low volatility
Green: low volatility
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