DepthHouse - Relative Momentum Range Candlesticks

DepthHouse Relative Momentum & Range Candlesticks is a candlestick indicator based off of my previously released RMRO Oscillator.

DepthHouse Relative Momentum Range Candlesticks uses several calculations between the relative momentum and range to help determine trend direction and strength.

Candlestick meanings:
Green: Bullish trend
Blue (default is lime): Bullish trend weakening / possible consolidation
Red: Bearish trend
Salmon (default is orange): Bearish trend weakening / possible consolidation
White: Uncertain

How to get:
As you can see this is an invite only script. In the coming month this indicator, along with many others will become pay to use only. (website on my profile page)
However all my indicators will be FREE until May 1, 2018. So please try them out!
To take advantage of this FREE trial:
1. Leave comment on this indicator post! Maybe even give me a follow :D
2. Check out and take advantage of all my other indicators!

Here is the link to the DepthHouse RMRO Oscillator:

Please Note: There are NOT trading signals. Each colored candle represents nothing other than a possibility of which way the trend may go. Be sure to use your own adequate analysis. Use at your own financial risk.
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can I try this please ? :)
can I try this please ?
oh92 remidhoyer
@remidhoyer, Definitely! ill grant you access to all my indicators for 7 days!
can I please try this out
oh92 djays1.618
@djays1.618, hope you enjoy!
Hey mate please add me! Looking forward to check it out!
oh92 kangeron
@kangeron, hope you enjoy!
Hi oh92, please add me for this script. Thanks.
oh92 WatchB
@WatchB, hope you enjoy!
+1 Resposta
Can I use it please? Thanks
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