Trend Angle

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The "Trend Angle" indicator serves as a tool for traders to decipher market trends through a methodical lens. It quantifies the inclination of price movements within a specified timeframe, making it easy to understand current trend dynamics.

Conceptual Foundation:

Angle Measurement: The essence of the "Trend Angle" indicator is its ability to compute the angle between the price trajectory over a defined period and the horizontal axis. This is achieved through the calculation of the arctangent of the percentage price change, offering a straightforward measure of market directionality.

Smoothing Mechanisms: The indicator incorporates options for "Moving Average" and "Linear Regression" as smoothing mechanisms. This adaptability allows for refined trend analysis, catering to diverse market conditions and individual preferences.

Functional Versatility:

Source Adaptability: The indicator affords the flexibility to select the desired price source, enabling users to tailor the angle calculation to their analytical framework and other indicators.

Detrending Capability: With the detrending feature, the indicator allows for the subtraction of the smoothing line from the calculated angle, highlighting deviations from the main trend. This is particularly useful for identifying potential trend reversals or significant market shifts.

Customizable Period: The 'Length' parameter empowers traders to define the observation window for both the trend angle calculation and its smoothing, accommodating various trading horizons.

Visual Intuition: The optional colorization enhances interpretability, with the indicator's color shifting based on its relation to the smoothing line, thereby providing an immediate visual cue regarding the trend's direction.

Interpretative Results:

Market Flatness: An angle proximate to 0 suggests a flat market condition, indicating a lack of significant directional movement. This insight can be pivotal for traders in assessing market stagnation.

Trending Market: Conversely, a relatively high angle denotes a trending market, signifying strong directional momentum. This distinction is crucial for traders aiming to capitalize on trend-driven opportunities.

Analytical Nuance vs. Simplicity:

While the "Trend Angle" indicator is underpinned by mathematical principles, its utility lies in its simplicity and interpretative clarity. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that this tool should be employed as part of a comprehensive trading strategy, complemented by other analytical instruments for a holistic market analysis.

In essence, the "Trend Angle" indicator exemplifies the harmonization of simplicity and analytical rigor. Its design respects the complexity of market behaviors while offering straightforward, actionable insights, making it a valuable component in the arsenal of both seasoned and novice traders alike.
Notas de Lançamento:

( ! ) Angle Change Alerts: A new input parameter has been introduced to set thresholds for significant angle changes, enabling traders to receive alerts when notable shifts in trend angles occur. This feature is designed to assist in identifying critical market movements promptly.

Expanded Moving Average Options: The indicator now includes an extensive range of moving average types for better adaptability and precision in trend smoothing. New additions include specialized averages like Geometric Mean MA (GMMA), Modular Filter (MF), and Jurik MA (JMA), among others. Some moving averages calculation was changed in order to increase performance too.

Code Refinements: Minor code refinements and bug fixes have been implemented to enhance stability and reliability. These improvements ensure a smoother user experience and reduce potential glitches during operation.

User Interface Improvements: Adjustments have been made to the input settings layout, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. This update helps new users easily configure the indicator to suit their specific trading preferences.

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