Strategy to accumulate ADA Cardano cryptocurrency

This strategy was specifically developed for short ADA cryptocurrency operations in the ADA / BITCOIN pair.

- The strategy should be used on the daily chart of ADABTC ;
- Entries should only be made from 21:00 in Brazil time zone;
- When the arrow indicates sale you should sell your ADAs to repurchase at a lower price, so you will be increasing your ADA quantity;
- When the arrow indicates "recomprar" you must repurchase the ADAs you sold on the sell signal given by the indicator;
- Use good risk management when using this strategy, avoid applying more than 50% of your ADAs to operations;
- A estratégia não possui um stop de perca. A saida de operações com prejuizo deve ser feita quando o indicador mandar recomprar as ADAs;
- When the ADA goes into a bullish trend this indicator performance may turn out to be bad, so the trader should be aware of possible developments that make the ADA appreciate against bitcoin .

Performance Information:
- First, it is important to note that there is no guarantee that past performance will continue in the future, so it is important that you do good risk management;
- The strategy was able to have a hit rate of over 60% on the daily chart between 2018 and October 2019. This means that with each operation you are more than 60% likely to have more ADAs.
- The largest loss occurred during the historical track tested was 4.72%, ie, those who entered the unsuccessful operation left with 4.72% less ADAs at the end of the operation;
- The operation with the highest profit in the series studied gave 90% return, that is, those who entered the operation almost doubled the equity in ADAs.

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