Price Volume Trend

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  • Fix big numbers on pricescale
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  • Add coloring
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  • Corrected calculation
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  • Update
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I have been looking for an good volume indicator for confirming signals with my main system. This appears to be excellent addition and exactly what I wanted. Thank you for sharing!
+14 Resposta
everget kunzang108
@kunzang108, not at all
+7 Resposta
Sikerboiy everget
@everget, so which volume indi would be great for trend conformation??
+2 Resposta
it is perfect ! and very accurate
can you add an alert when volume become green or red?
becouse if i add now , i can select this but i must add a value of cross.......
+6 Resposta
everget clusterTrade
@clusterTrade, Hi, thank you for the feedback. Will do
+2 Resposta
clusterTrade clusterTrade
@clusterTrade, ok thanks! i wait your info!!!
everget clusterTrade
This is amazing!! But how can I add alerts when a crossover or crossunder showing up?
+6 Resposta
everget franko777
@franko777, using Alt+A combination)
+6 Resposta
The great, excellent, and remarkable work.............. Its a best indicator on Tradingview.................Thanks for @everget
+1 Resposta