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ANN-based script, comparing the previous and current closing of the asset with its percentage of change and determining the purchase or sale accordingly.

I recommend using the time of the script in 60 minutes and the time of opration and 5 minutes for a better scalp.

For junior time I recommend 240 minutes for the script time and 60 minutes for the operating time.

Thanks Thiago Kerbes;)
Open-source script

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Quer usar esse script no gráfico?


Sorry but you cannot use a smaller period than the one you use in the script (i.e. 60) otherwise you are looking in the future.
Many scripts like the ANN script are misleading, because they use data of the future, which will cause repainting (changing the signals) during the current trading period if it is smaller then the resolution, in this case 60.
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rodrigio XPl0RR
@XPl0RR, which would you indicate? under 60
Hello and thank you for sharing the indicator. I'm testing it with time 5 min.
But I did not understand if it repaints. Is it possible to introduce an alert when the signal appears? thank you
I'm pretty sure this repaints, as it's referencing a higher timeframe. I think BacktestRookies have an article detailing how to avoid repaint on higher timeframes.
Gunslinger2005 chrysopoetics
@chrysopoetics, i think ll you need to do.... is let the flippin candle close... that is all guys
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