OBV - ADX and DI+/-

This is the ADX and DI+/- indicator applied to OBV!

This really clearly shows up and down, but using VOLUME! Don't ignore it, there is too much information captured in the OBV.

If you just love the ADX /DI format, it is included in a checkbox.

Want some excellent background highlighting, turn in on in a checkbox.

Shout out to some inspirations
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hi how are you? how can i use this? Thank you.
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kocurekc Franacech
@Franacech, Thanks for the questions, there are several answers below that try to give some details.
excellent. success on first trade using this indicator. may you be blessed!
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kocurekc sadies
@sadies, Congrats, and thank you.
Excellent Contribution!! Thank you!!
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please explain how to use this on charts.
kocurekc kolaprasad2014
@kolaprasad2014, Thanks for the questions, there are several answers below that try to give some details. Please let me know if you have other angles to comment on.
Hi how can I use this? thanks
kocurekc alfrancisretumban
@alfrancisretumban, Sure, thanks, Always could use more information on what you are trading (item, qty, time period, and duration), but will try and give you the generics.
With regards to ADX, see here

Now, this is using OBV which is the sum of the volumes but added/subtracted based on close up/down. We've also added in the indicators (red/green arrows) based on the standard ADX rules (confirmed trending). I'm looking for a cross-over after a sustained trend (anticipating mean reversion, probably want some volatility measure too). Hold the position through the ADX trending phase, and then exit on the first cross-over point after the trend is over (red/green arrows stopped).
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