Oscillator Strategy for Scalping (BITMEX Swaps btc + eth)

This is short selling strategy for BITMEX's XBTUSD and ETHUSD swaps scalping.

Made specifically for 3M XBTUSD and 3M-5M ETHUSD timeframe trading.

Not gonna open all the details, but it works mostly on bear divergences and moving averages.

On premium it shows 10000 bars back on 3minute timeframe and over that period(3 weeks aprox) XBTUSD had 28 trades and ETHUSD had 25(+17 on 5M timeframe) trades with that strategy.
How to trade it and setups that i use for manual trading:
1: You can use it to confirm your bias. Sell signal appears + price tries to retake previous resistance = most likely it will fail.
2. Sell signal after wick up suggests that you are likely to get filled at the top.
Your main target should be this moving average. Basically sell signal appears at resistance/near one and moving average represents current line of support. So when you enter short you should be eyeing this MA as your exit/target. Yes, there is a good possibility that support wount hold and this is a bear market we talking about BUT it is 3M bot oriented trading strategy, dont forget about and dont hold for too long to find yourself with price lending on MA and jumping from it.

This strategy does not have a defined stop, rather it suggests you to calculate it based on entry (provided) and target (provided).
Here is what i usually do to calculate my risks. My reward is a move to line of support, my stop is usually 1R, winrate is much higher than 50% so i feel good about it. Entry either at sell signal or at wick. Wicks not always get runned, but they provide incredible r/r setups.

Free trial for 36 hours for this one.
Notas de Lançamento: Updated test version
Notas de Lançamento: That is a big update, i fully focused on small timeframe and polished this idea to the maximum. it is a final version as i believe from tech side this indicator is finished.
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