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Empresas Americanas engaged in one sector: Energy Minerals

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Volume Rel
Valor de mercado
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Crescimento EPS dil.
12M Ano a Ano
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Classificação dos Analistas
AMPYAmplify Energy Corp.
6.08 USD−1.14%282.384K0.69237.708M USD0.659.33 USD+497.47%0.00%
Alta forte
AMRAlpha Metallurgical Resources, Inc.
362.62 USD−17.33%650.301K2.794.712B USD7.4448.71 USD−37.65%0.53%
Tendência de Alta
APAAPA Corporation
29.95 USD−0.83%4.815M0.639.032B USD3.239.27 USD−14.04%3.34%
Tendência de Alta
ARAntero Resources Corporation
25.46 USD+0.20%2.65M0.347.729B USD33.010.77 USD−86.74%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
ARCHArch Resources, Inc.
162.03 USD−4.54%385.46K0.812.975B USD6.7424.04 USD−62.46%0.62%
Alta forte
ARECAmerican Resources Corporation
1.44 USD+2.86%212.929K1.35112.706M USD11.590.12 USD0.00%
Alta forte
ARLPAlliance Resource Partners, L.P.
18.97 USD−0.05%687.021K1.412.429B USD3.944.81 USD+9.70%14.76%
Alta forte
BATLBattalion Oil Corporation
5.77 USD−2.70%18.01K0.4094.954M USD−2.94 USD−194.82%0.00%
BPBP p.l.c.
34.96 USD−1.30%9.407M1.1498.396B USD6.875.09 USD4.71%
Tendência de Alta
BRNBarnwell Industries, Inc.
2.22 USD−1.56%7.799K0.9322.212M USD−0.27 USD−148.30%2.71%
BRYBerry Corporation (bry)
7.06 USD−1.12%1.389M1.33534.207M USD12.870.55 USD−75.68%13.74%
Tendência Neutra
BTEBaytex Energy Corp
3.45 USD−1.15%8.86M0.992.917B USD3.760.92 USD−32.18%0.96%
Alta forte
BTUPeabody Energy Corporation
24.72 USD−1.47%2.932M0.883.173B USD4.974.97 USD−37.07%0.91%
Tendência de Alta
CEICamber Energy, Inc.
0.2200 USD+0.92%4.848M0.8323.657M USD−1.47 USD+88.64%0.00%
82.34 USD−0.70%616.913K1.072.438B USD4.1919.65 USD+50.61%3.95%
Alta forte
CHKChesapeake Energy Corporation
82.05 USD+0.13%1.277M0.5310.732B USD4.8716.84 USD−47.49%2.74%
Tendência de Alta
CHRDChord Energy Corporation
161.59 USD−0.94%551.337K0.576.696B USD6.8623.56 USD−60.38%3.09%
Tendência de Alta
CIVICivitas Resources, Inc.
67.51 USD+3.73%2.57M1.766.82B USD7.568.94 USD−38.73%2.96%
Alta forte
CLBCore Laboratories Inc.
14.81 USD−0.94%447.831K0.86693.945M USD17.110.87 USD+109.34%0.27%
Tendência Neutra
CLMTCalumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.
15.38 USD−2.35%212.905K1.341.23B USD19.340.80 USD0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CNQCanadian Natural Resources Limited
66.23 USD+0.18%2.998M1.0371.688B USD14.004.73 USD−36.14%4.12%
Tendência de Alta
CNXCNX Resources Corporation
20.81 USD+1.02%3.789M1.213.159B USD2.309.06 USD0.00%
Tendência Neutra
112.04 USD+0.39%4.579M0.71131.805B USD12.359.07 USD−37.66%3.49%
Tendência de Alta
CPECallon Petroleum Company
31.22 USD−1.08%897.809K0.752.076B USD5.136.08 USD−68.89%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CPGCrescent Point Energy Corporation
7.15 USD+0.14%5.938M0.944.48B USD−1.20 USD−145.76%4.13%
Alta forte
CRCCalifornia Resources Corporation
52.68 USD−4.22%1.788M3.403.649B USD6.827.72 USD+12.40%2.20%
Alta forte
CRGYCrescent Energy Company
10.97 USD−0.09%684.602K0.901.971B USD13.010.84 USD−45.63%4.83%
Tendência de Alta
CRKComstock Resources, Inc.
8.27 USD+1.72%2.673M0.402.303B USD10.840.76 USD−80.92%6.05%
Tendência Neutra
CTRACoterra Energy Inc.
25.54 USD−1.69%10.33M1.1919.202B USD12.002.13 USD−58.11%4.58%
Tendência de Alta
CVECenovus Energy Inc
17.26 USD−1.54%11.147M0.9432.308B USD10.771.60 USD−31.75%2.24%
Alta forte
CVICVR Energy Inc.
32.07 USD−4.47%1.277M1.043.224B USD4.197.65 USD+65.73%6.24%
Tendência de Baixa
CVXChevron Corporation
152.34 USD+0.12%6.716M0.83282.936B USD13.4211.35 USD−37.83%3.96%
Tendência de Alta
DECDiversified Energy Company plc
13.41 USD+0.90%328.528K1.29637.997M USD12.211.10 USD1.43%
Alta forte
DINOHF Sinclair Corporation
54.62 USD−6.89%4.006M1.7410.846B USD6.588.30 USD−39.37%3.30%
Tendência de Alta
DKDelek US Holdings, Inc.
24.67 USD−4.08%2.203M1.981.577B USD112.390.22 USD−93.75%3.75%
Tendência Neutra
DVNDevon Energy Corporation
44.03 USD−0.65%11.356M1.5028.21B USD7.555.83 USD−35.96%6.52%
Tendência de Alta
31.00 USD−0.61%286.375K1.1052.009B USD10.063.08 USD−62.74%4.41%
Tendência de Alta
ECEcopetrol S.A.
11.75 USD−1.92%1.822M1.2024.115B USD5.042.33 USD−38.61%11.57%
Tendência Neutra
EGYVAALCO Energy, Inc.
4.29 USD−1.83%306.835K0.56451.131M USD13.550.32 USD−72.24%5.83%
Alta forte
EOGEOG Resources, Inc.
114.17 USD+0.20%3.162M0.7966.219B USD8.7813.01 USD−1.49%5.15%
Tendência de Alta
EPEmpire Petroleum Corporation
5.87 USD+0.34%28.625K0.69134.378M USD−0.45 USD+66.63%0.00%
EPMEvolution Petroleum Corporation, Inc.
5.69 USD−1.22%194.055K0.72190.367M USD11.540.49 USD−59.81%8.44%
Alta forte
EPSNEpsilon Energy Ltd.
5.00 USD−1.57%43.696K1.38110.802M USD8.480.59 USD−58.97%5.00%
24.89 USD+0.04%2.478M0.5874.657B USD6.373.91 USD−56.87%3.59%
Tendência de Alta
EQTEQT Corporation
36.58 USD+0.16%3.376M0.4716.111B USD8.644.23 USD+3.03%1.66%
Tendência de Alta
ERFEnerplus Corporation
17.67 USD−0.90%3.255M0.503.592B USD8.282.14 USD−44.00%1.30%
Tendência Neutra
FANGDiamondback Energy, Inc.
179.76 USD+1.02%1.458M0.5432.078B USD10.3617.35 USD−29.58%4.44%
Alta forte
GFRGreenfire Resources Ltd.
4.88 USD+0.41%13.132K0.56334.975M USD45.740.11 USD0.00%
GPORGulfport Energy Corporation
142.26 USD+0.33%336.52K1.282.594B USD2.1765.50 USD+256.04%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
GPRKGeopark Ltd
8.43 USD−0.35%335.512K2.03489.799M USD3.552.37 USD−31.34%6.24%
Tendência de Alta
GRNTGranite Ridge Resources, Inc.
6.22 USD−0.48%338.118K1.13827.279M USD4.391.42 USD+670.54%7.07%
Alta forte
GTEGran Tierra Energy Inc.
5.26 USD−2.41%233.492K0.51169.617M USD68.580.08 USD−96.15%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
HCCWarrior Met Coal, Inc.
57.07 USD−4.18%1.008M0.982.982B USD6.219.20 USD−25.84%0.49%
Tendência de Alta
HESHess Corporation
145.40 USD+0.06%2.819M0.9144.66B USD32.374.49 USD−37.45%1.20%
Tendência de Alta
HESMHess Midstream LP
33.98 USD−0.12%392.35K0.497.805B USD16.322.08 USD+3.07%6.98%
Tendência de Alta
HNRAHNR Acquisition Corp
1.94 USD+2.92%11.046K1.969.888M USD−0.03 USD+54.17%0.00%
HNRGHallador Energy Company
7.28 USD−0.95%219.189K0.93241.277M USD3.022.41 USD0.00%
Tendência Neutra
HPKHighPeak Energy, Inc.
16.46 USD−2.60%321.235K1.122.114B USD11.431.44 USD−15.76%0.61%
Tendência de Alta
HUSAHouston American Energy Corporation
1.30 USD−2.99%21.204K0.2914.178M USD−0.02 USD+81.88%0.00%
IEPIcahn Enterprises L.P.
19.18 USD−0.72%853.358K0.817.879B USD−2.22 USD−53.61%31.28%
IMOImperial Oil Limited
62.07 USD−1.48%250.302K0.5933.259B USD8.757.10 USD−16.34%2.30%
Tendência de Alta
INDOIndonesia Energy Corporation Limited
2.35 USD−2.49%30.318K0.9823.835M USD0.00%
KGEIKolibri Global Energy Inc.
3.14 USD+0.96%2.831K0.35111.864M USD6.630.47 USD−85.12%0.00%
Alta forte
KLXEKLX Energy Services Holdings, Inc.
8.07 USD−5.50%163.187K0.96132.408M USD2.792.89 USD0.00%
Tendência de Alta
KOSKosmos Energy Ltd.
6.04 USD+1.34%8.129M1.532.848B USD13.590.44 USD−4.45%0.00%
Alta forte
METCRamaco Resources, Inc.
17.28 USD−10.93%1.323M1.62865.491M USD12.021.44 USD−46.41%2.89%
Tendência de Alta
METCBRamaco Resources, Inc.
12.03 USD−3.45%33.13K1.25865.491M USD9.311.29 USD3.44%
MGYMagnolia Oil & Gas Corporation
22.23 USD+0.27%2.652M0.844.541B USD10.902.04 USD−56.73%2.07%
Tendência de Alta
MNRMach Natural Resources LP
18.08 USD−7.66%310.04K1.341.718B USD0.00%
Alta forte
MPCMarathon Petroleum Corporation
167.16 USD−2.32%2.605M1.1063.47B USD7.1823.29 USD−18.57%1.84%
Tendência de Alta
MROMarathon Oil Corporation
24.12 USD−0.70%12.391M1.1213.922B USD9.432.56 USD−50.72%1.70%
Tendência de Alta
MTDRMatador Resources Company
62.70 USD+0.80%1.302M0.717.494B USD8.897.05 USD−30.35%1.04%
Alta forte
MURMurphy Oil Corporation
39.25 USD−2.02%1.821M1.275.996B USD9.304.22 USD−31.03%2.80%
Tendência de Alta
MXCMexco Energy Corporation
9.93 USD−1.68%4.119K1.4820.832M USD10.880.91 USD−57.76%0.00%
NCNACCO Industries, Inc.
32.50 USD−1.81%13.066K1.16243.928M USD13.392.43 USD−73.94%2.65%
NEXTNextDecade Corporation
4.67 USD−5.66%1.594M1.601.198B USD−0.78 USD−34.37%0.00%
Alta forte
NFGNational Fuel Gas Company
48.70 USD−0.61%513.017K0.534.487B USD10.204.77 USD−27.05%4.02%
Tendência Neutra
NOGNorthern Oil and Gas, Inc.
35.06 USD−0.43%1.19M0.923.537B USD3.4910.04 USD+22.51%4.25%
Tendência de Alta
NRPNatural Resource Partners LP Limited Partnership
90.96 USD+0.64%58.398K3.221.149B USD7.8211.63 USD−8.90%3.30%
OBEObsidian Energy Ltd.
7.02 USD0.00%430.596K1.10542.671M USD7.160.98 USD−86.40%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
OVVOvintiv Inc. (DE)
47.85 USD+3.89%5.717M2.1012.896B USD6.077.88 USD−44.49%2.40%
Tendência de Alta
OXYOccidental Petroleum Corporation
60.26 USD−0.56%7.838M0.6652.999B USD15.433.90 USD−68.45%1.19%
Tendência de Alta
PARRPar Pacific Holdings, Inc. Common Stock
36.52 USD−8.86%2.175M3.252.209B USD4.258.58 USD+78.90%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
PBFPBF Energy Inc.
45.81 USD−4.88%2.122M0.715.477B USD2.7916.44 USD−27.57%1.86%
Tendência de Alta
PBRPetroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petrobras
16.72 USD−5.54%40.56M2.45107.699B USD4.064.12 USD−20.93%16.97%
Tendência de Alta
PBR.APetroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petrobras
16.19 USD−5.98%19.821M3.96107.699B USD3.934.12 USD−20.93%17.43%
Tendência de Alta
PHXPHX Minerals Inc.
3.04 USD−0.98%14.573K0.33112.481M USD5.320.57 USD+176.98%3.21%
Alta forte
PNRGPrimeEnergy Resources Corporation
96.35 USD−1.28%2220.22175.413M USD7.1513.47 USD−17.12%0.00%
PRPermian Resources Corporation
15.52 USD+2.04%17.93M1.9112.014B USD13.401.16 USD−28.06%1.29%
Alta forte
PROPPrairie Operating Co.
10.13 USD+8.57%86.823K3.7999.849M USD0.00%
Alta forte
PSXPhillips 66
141.24 USD−2.82%2.595M0.9560.426B USD9.1415.46 USD−32.65%2.97%
Tendência de Alta
PXDPioneer Natural Resources Company
234.81 USD+0.45%2.345M0.8854.857B USD11.6120.23 USD−34.85%5.95%
Tendência Neutra
REIRing Energy, Inc.
1.40 USD−2.10%817.742K0.58273.882M USD3.870.36 USD−66.17%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
REPXRiley Exploration Permian, Inc.
23.14 USD−1.32%54.468K0.74472.662M USD4.595.04 USD+9.97%6.05%
Alta forte
RRCRange Resources Corporation
31.39 USD+0.16%1.896M0.507.6B USD8.863.54 USD−24.79%1.02%
Tendência Neutra
SBOWSilverBow Resources, Inc
28.45 USD−0.49%354.771K0.95723.472M USD2.2412.72 USD−12.37%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
SDSandRidge Energy, Inc.
13.01 USD+0.08%294.071K0.67482.557M USD2.944.42 USD−5.56%1.54%
SGUStar Group L.P.
11.00 USD−4.35%30.022K0.97391.319M USD16.940.65 USD−9.47%5.91%
62.58 USD−1.29%4.096M0.82200.405B USD11.095.64 USD−50.56%3.95%
Tendência de Alta
SLNGStabilis Solutions, Inc.
3.98 USD0.00%11.396K3.5673.922M USD−0.09 USD+68.92%0.00%