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Empresas Americanas engaged in one sector: Consumer Services

These Empresas Americanas operate in the same sector, Consumer Services. They're equipped with price, change, and other stats to help you get the most details. The list contains stocks for any strategy: from giants with large caps to cheaper options. Filter the list by any metric you need and check companies' performance in a convenient way.
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Volume Rel
Valor de mercado
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Crescimento EPS dil.
12M Ano a Ano
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Classificação dos Analistas
ABNBAirbnb, Inc.
157.47 USD+2.63%8.002M1.15101.928B USD21.777.23 USD+159.75%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
ACELAccel Entertainment, Inc.
11.33 USD+7.39%887.913K4.36949.494M USD23.010.49 USD−32.61%0.00%
Alta forte
AFYAAfya Limited
20.64 USD−0.67%79.391K0.901.934B USD26.750.77 USD+3.56%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
AGAEAllied Gaming & Entertainment Inc.
0.9503 USD−0.49%55.204K1.4435.012M USD−0.11 USD+66.51%0.00%
AGTIAgiliti, Inc.
9.87 USD0.00%2.843M0.641.331B USD−0.08 USD−129.49%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
AMBOAmbow Education Holding Ltd. American Depository Shares (each representing twenty (20)
1.76 USD+2.92%83.118K0.095.027M USD0.00%
AMCAMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
4.32 USD−13.43%28.655M2.231.137B USD−0.92 USD+85.79%0.00%
Tendência de Baixa
AMCXAMC Networks Inc.
12.94 USD+0.94%614.695K0.99563.686M USD2.644.91 USD+3972.53%0.00%
Tendência de Baixa
APEIAmerican Public Education, Inc.
10.45 USD−3.06%80.017K0.57185.839M USD−3.94 USD+24.97%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
ARCOArcos Dorados Holdings Inc.
11.86 USD−1.25%658.639K0.692.498B USD13.880.85 USD+36.92%1.60%
Alta forte
ARKRArk Restaurants Corp.
14.38 USD+0.91%1.288K0.5551.828M USD−1.76 USD−172.08%4.78%
30.33 USD−0.98%2.959M1.507.96B USD12.692.39 USD+175.02%1.40%
Tendência de Alta
ATATAtour Lifestyle Holdings Limited
19.38 USD−0.26%544.601K0.722.541B USD44.620.43 USD+86.55%0.68%
Alta forte
ATGEAdtalem Global Education Inc.
49.50 USD+1.73%666.139K1.251.94B USD18.032.74 USD0.00%
Alta forte
BALYBally's Corporation
11.24 USD+6.54%802.984K1.41512.797M USD−3.50 USD+55.38%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
BATRAAtlanta Braves Holdings, Inc. - Series A
41.95 USD+0.96%27.411K0.892.406B USD−2.03 USD0.00%
Alta forte
BATRKAtlanta Braves Holdings, Inc. - Series C
39.12 USD+0.95%305.911K1.772.406B USD−2.03 USD0.00%
Alta forte
BBGIBeasley Broadcast Group, Inc.
0.8710 USD−3.22%9.394K0.6326.417M USD−2.51 USD−69.98%0.00%
Alta forte
BDLFlanigan's Enterprises, Inc.
25.33 USD−0.02%2810.1847.08M USD13.511.87 USD−35.15%1.74%
BFIBurgerFi International Inc
0.6180 USD+2.49%105.462K0.8716.58M USD−1.99 USD+79.61%0.00%
Alta forte
BHBiglari Holdings Inc.
173.21 USD+1.29%9410.39536.08M USD9.7817.71 USD0.00%
BH.ABiglari Holdings Inc.
897.71 USD+1.70%1631.17560.006M USD10.1488.54 USD0.00%
BJRIBJ's Restaurants, Inc.
35.02 USD+1.60%318.909K0.61818.311M USD42.650.82 USD+380.74%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
BKNGBooking Holdings Inc. Common Stock
3468.83 USD−0.77%480.863K1.25118.533B USD29.40117.98 USD+51.51%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
BLMNBloomin' Brands, Inc.
27.18 USD−1.88%1.657M1.132.366B USD10.732.53 USD+163.61%3.53%
Tendência Neutra
BLNKBlink Charging Co.
3.18 USD+3.58%7.581M0.79214.357M USD−3.61 USD−96.94%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
BODYThe Beachbody Company, Inc.
8.31 USD−0.72%10.746K0.5556.761M USD−5.61 USD+86.80%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
BOWLBowlero Corp.
12.45 USD−2.12%1.097M1.251.864B USD65.630.19 USD0.00%
Alta forte
BREABrera Holdings PLC
1.08 USD−3.57%52.046K0.0212.317M USD−0.24 USD0.00%
BTBDBT Brands, Inc.
1.73 USD−5.51%4.704K1.3811.172M USD−0.11 USD−273.51%0.00%
BYDBoyd Gaming Corporation
66.13 USD+3.39%1.121M1.536.352B USD10.866.09 USD+3.78%0.97%
Tendência de Alta
CABOCable One, Inc.
456.00 USD+2.99%90.309K0.772.562B USD10.0945.18 USD+25.14%2.54%
Tendência Neutra
CAKEThe Cheesecake Factory Incorporated
35.38 USD+0.45%771.858K0.751.808B USD17.172.06 USD+144.61%3.05%
Tendência Neutra
CAVACAVA Group, Inc.
58.41 USD+2.65%4.774M1.606.636B USD503.530.12 USD0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CBRLCracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.
66.13 USD−0.32%1.014M1.411.468B USD17.663.75 USD−21.84%7.86%
Tendência Neutra
CCLCarnival Corporation
15.86 USD+2.52%34.164M1.1519.84B USD−0.12 USD+97.62%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CDROCodere Online Luxembourg, S.A.
6.69 USD+2.92%24.242K0.33303.043M USD0.00%
Alta forte
CHDNChurchill Downs, Incorporated
121.87 USD+0.01%298.771K0.818.979B USD22.355.45 USD−4.20%0.31%
Tendência de Alta
CHHChoice Hotels International, Inc.
111.94 USD−1.13%579.527K1.065.548B USD22.105.06 USD−15.51%1.03%
Tendência Neutra
CHTRCharter Communications, Inc.
293.93 USD+1.94%1.741M0.9247.712B USD9.7930.02 USD−2.41%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
CHUYChuy's Holdings, Inc.
33.83 USD−0.03%149.548K0.87587.037M USD19.371.75 USD+58.36%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CMCSAComcast Corporation
42.85 USD+1.66%28.706M1.50170.194B USD11.563.71 USD+211.31%2.71%
Tendência de Alta
CMGChipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
2688.77 USD+0.64%197.44K1.2873.729B USD60.6444.34 USD+38.29%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CMLSCumulus Media Inc.
3.74 USD+10.32%91.472K1.0776.596M USD−6.99 USD−947.08%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
CNKCinemark Holdings, Inc.
17.41 USD+1.28%4.277M1.022.117B USD14.081.24 USD0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CNNECannae Holdings, Inc.
21.82 USD+1.02%1.126M1.131.543B USD−4.23 USD+15.26%0.00%
Alta forte
CNTYCentury Casinos, Inc.
2.91 USD+0.69%75.482K0.3888.347M USD−0.71 USD−239.69%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CNVSCineverse Corp.
1.32 USD+1.54%167.276K0.0517.593M USD−0.98 USD+7.47%0.00%
Alta forte
CPHCCanterbury Park Holding Corporation
26.86 USD+12.48%4.797K0.58132.813M USD12.892.08 USD−22.24%1.04%
CSSEChicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc.
0.1881 USD−3.14%106.798K0.776.06M USD−20.73 USD−326.32%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
CSVCarriage Services, Inc.
24.82 USD+0.73%80.404K0.79371.84M USD11.572.14 USD−17.54%1.81%
Alta forte
CTASCintas Corporation
628.61 USD−0.33%403.351K1.2763.723B USD45.5913.79 USD+12.20%0.80%
Tendência de Alta
CUKCarnival Plc
14.40 USD+1.91%2.91M1.4119.798B USD−0.12 USD+97.62%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CURICuriosityStream Inc.
0.4801 USD−3.52%96.048K1.1025.482M USD−1.11 USD−22.49%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
CVEOCiveo Corporation (Canada)
23.42 USD+4.14%162.614K2.71345.349M USD11.512.03 USD2.13%
Alta forte
CZRCaesars Entertainment, Inc.
43.47 USD+4.90%4.193M1.039.403B USD11.893.66 USD0.00%
Tendência de Alta
DALNDallasNews Corporation - Series A
3.97 USD−2.70%39.314K1.0221.249M USD−1.32 USD−28.20%16.12%
DENNDenny's Corporation
9.23 USD+0.11%425.792K0.72482.302M USD26.010.35 USD−70.92%0.00%
Tendência de Alta, Corp.
8.91 USD+4.70%433.205K2.64543.939M USD0.00 USD+100.00%0.00%
Alta forte
DINDine Brands Global, Inc. Common Stock
48.51 USD+4.32%524.357K2.18739.92M USD7.796.23 USD+26.17%4.21%
Tendência de Alta
DISWalt Disney Company (The)
111.58 USD+0.70%11.658M1.18204.671B USD68.531.63 USD−10.48%0.27%
Tendência de Alta
DJCODaily Journal Corp. (S.C.)
338.55 USD+0.94%5.225K0.96466.192M USD28.7111.79 USD0.00%
DKNGDraftKings Inc.
43.32 USD+2.34%9.665M0.6220.517B USD−1.74 USD+45.12%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
DPZDomino's Pizza Inc
448.35 USD+0.44%787.709K1.0315.61B USD30.5714.67 USD+16.98%1.08%
Tendência de Alta
DRIDarden Restaurants, Inc.
170.71 USD+0.15%1.544M1.4320.385B USD20.648.27 USD+14.08%3.01%
Tendência de Alta
DRVNDriven Brands Holdings Inc.
13.79 USD+1.70%918.954K0.532.261B USD−4.51 USD−1930.78%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
EATBrinker International, Inc.
46.34 USD−0.92%1.389M1.362.049B USD13.563.42 USD+107.37%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
EDREndeavor Group Holdings, Inc.
24.05 USD+2.34%3.42M0.8416.667B USD21.431.12 USD0.50%
Alta forte
EDUNew Oriental Education & Technology Group, Inc. Sponsored
93.53 USD+1.88%1.062M0.7115.692B USD51.051.83 USD0.00%
Alta forte
EDUCEducational Development Corporation
1.84 USD−4.17%50.654K3.0615.771M USD55.590.03 USD0.00%
EJHE-Home Household Service Holdings Limited
1.48 USD−6.92%210.744K0.524.417M USD−62.99 USD0.00%
EVCEntravision Communications Corporation
3.85 USD+2.94%254.965K1.05338.787M USD343.750.01 USD−95.85%5.19%
Alta forte
EVRIEveri Holdings Inc.
11.86 USD+5.14%5.885M8.731.015B USD10.181.17 USD−36.01%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
EWCZEuropean Wax Center, Inc.
14.18 USD+2.01%485.57K1.14885.419M USD98.060.14 USD−35.22%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
EXPEExpedia Group, Inc.
136.82 USD+0.95%2.412M0.9018.647B USD25.465.37 USD+152.14%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
EZGOEZGO Technologies Ltd.
0.1003 USD+11.57%5.73M4.7710.247M USD−0.18 USD+34.09%0.00%
FATFAT Brands Inc.
8.89 USD+2.30%37.181K1.58146.974M USD−8.35 USD−75.93%6.30%
Alta forte
FATBBFAT Brands Inc.
7.09 USD+0.19%2990.29146.974M USD−8.35 USD−75.93%7.89%
FAZEFaZe Holdings Inc.
0.1899 USD−1.61%700.173K0.2214.697M USD−0.81 USD+67.02%0.00%
FEDUFour Seasons Education (Cayman) Inc.
9.89 USD+11.12%4770.4720.956M USD−0.18 USD+89.84%0.00%
FIPFTAI Infrastructure Inc.
4.58 USD+5.53%928.608K1.63455.666M USD−1.93 USD−42.84%2.62%
Alta forte
FLLFull House Resorts, Inc.
5.13 USD+1.58%60.204K0.83177.433M USD−0.57 USD−532.52%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
FLUTFlutter Entertainment plc
217.86 USD+1.26%172.271K1.2038.422B USD0.00%
Alta forte
FOXFox Corporation
27.38 USD+1.56%3M2.1813.579B USD16.231.69 USD−37.99%1.86%
Tendência Neutra
FOXAFox Corporation
29.79 USD+1.19%5.212M1.6713.579B USD17.651.69 USD−37.99%1.71%
Tendência Neutra
FUNCedar Fair, L.P.
40.78 USD+2.08%121.711K0.752.081B USD16.612.45 USD−54.76%2.94%
Alta forte
FWONALiberty Media Corporation - Series A Liberty Formula One
65.55 USD+4.36%129.564K1.7329.882B USD0.00%
Alta forte
FWONKLiberty Media Corporation - Series C Liberty Formula One
72.76 USD+4.11%2.201M1.8629.882B USD0.00%
Alta forte
FWRGFirst Watch Restaurant Group, Inc.
25.05 USD−0.56%277.865K0.851.498B USD68.670.36 USD+719.78%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
GAMEGameSquare Holdings, Inc.
1.53 USD−1.29%31.709K0.8119.777M USD−4.44 USD+38.61%0.00%
Alta forte
GBTGGlobal Business Travel Group, Inc.
6.00 USD+0.17%97.016K0.652.802B USD−1.35 USD+22.99%0.00%
Alta forte
GCIGannett Co., Inc.
2.13 USD+2.40%440.248K0.52316.975M USD−0.19 USD+70.57%0.00%
Tendência Neutra
GDENGolden Entertainment, Inc.
37.06 USD+1.20%154.134K1.311.061B USD4.138.96 USD+216.53%0.00%
Tendência de Alta
GENKGEN Restaurant Group, Inc.
7.88 USD−6.75%103.502K2.60254.379M USD30.700.26 USD−68.50%0.00%
Alta forte
GHCGraham Holdings Company
702.33 USD+0.18%17.555K1.423.192B USD16.1643.46 USD+220.86%0.95%
Baixa forte
GHGGreenTree Hospitality Group Ltd.
3.22 USD−0.31%2.646K0.53331.544M USD0.00%
Tendência de Baixa
GPAKGamer Pakistan Inc.
0.2921 USD+4.10%67.933K0.33
GTIMGood Times Restaurants Inc.
2.30 USD−2.95%34.714K1.5625.738M USD2.570.89 USD0.00%
GTNGray Television, Inc.
5.84 USD+3.18%1.324M0.72574.576M USD−1.38 USD−131.76%5.48%
Tendência de Alta
GTN.AGray Television, Inc.
6.61 USD+4.39%5780.30574.576M USD−1.38 USD−131.76%4.84%
Tendência de Alta