Race between S&P500 and NASDAQ 100

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CME_MINI:ES1!   Futuros E-mini S&P500
Some ideas are related to these graphics precisely in order to bring my train of thought to the surface.

S&P 500 It is quite strong, but we have targets for achievement of very close positions. So it's possible to see something like side corrections, but the bias for me is still bullish, for both S&P500 and NASDAQ

Knowing I said we have very similar targets for both indexes, but the NASDAQ is in a slightly narrower channel than the S&P500, thus bringing the idea that the Big Techs are even stronger and keep renewing highs above highs.

It's worth remembering that in an uptrend the tops are meant to be broken, and the structure in turn is used for a pullback, thus creating an even higher top.

Probably the American graphics are adept at Toy Story's Bas Laitir which has as a classic phrase: "To infinity and beyond" the only difference is that the Bas couldn't fly!

I hope you can contribute to the reading of friends and if you have any suggestions leave them below, we are here to learn always. I am not the owner of the truth, this is just an analysis based on my rationale.

This is not an investment recommendation, the intention is for you to understand the rationale of a market operator.

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