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How fast does travel travel today? The speed of light? How fast do the Internet memes get around? minutes, hours, days, weeks? Not long at all. How long does it take to viral YouTube video to spread around the world? No time at all. How long does it take for a black swan to sweep through an already shaky financial system? Does 2008 come to mind?
Now that the US Congress has exposed Libra as a "Shitcoin" and Bitcoin as the "Real Deal" how long before more People, Corporations, Towns, Cities, States and Governments Not long in my opinion and I believe it will only accelerate once it starts. Perhaps it started today.
If you evenly divide all of the 21 Million Bitcoins that can be mined among the current world population we are only talking about 0.00300000 Bitcoin each. About 300 thousand Satoshi max. And that is ONLY if they are evenly distributed to every human on earth. We know they will not because all of the alive 20 years from now do not even exist today. Think about that for a minute. There will be people in the future who can only own Satoshi by working for them. They can not just buy them up today like you can.
So again I say that $ 1K in 30 minutes is nothing. When the real feeding frenzy starts we may be talking $ 5K, $ 10K, $ 20K, or more overnight. You do not think so? The people in Venezuela probably did not think so either. Or those in Zimbabwe when their money failed. It is the fate of every fiat currency ever printed. Devalue, hyper-inflate, disappear. Rinse and repeat. So what happens to real money when the fake money fails? It goes to the moon.
The real bag holders, in my opinion, are not the ones left holding Satoshi when the music stops but rather holding those of their wealth in one of many other fiat currencies around the world. Our money should NOT be based on our ability to work our asses off for 40+ years so we can pay taxes on all the debts our governments rack up in our name and then die broke. It should not be that way. And I will tell you this as you are reading this post, it is not going to happen to me if I have anything at all to say about it! I refuse to be a slave of the State. The sooner I can break the better! And it starts with having an independent supply of real money that is not based on their wasteful spending and other political bullshit !!! I do not mind paying my share for public services, but limitless printing and spending of the fiat on my behalf has got to stop. If there were in the fiat currencies in this world there would be no wars because governments would actually have to ask the people if they want to fight each other and pay for it along the way. Their answer would be a NO resounding!

I keep asking myself A BULL Flag?
What is the primary trend?
Follow the trend. Is she your friend.
The famous HUNTING TOP - HUNTING BACKGROUND - He had not survived.
Patience is the KEY of SUCCESS. In trading, in life, in EVERYTHING
God is with you every day.
Enjoy the highest value of all> THE LIFE!
Live the life



**And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my dose of hopium and fomo for the day!
You get my point. Stack those Sats while the sun is still shinning on you.

Trade ativo:
For those of you following my posts you know there was a lot of concern about the last major wave holding around $9K. Not only did it hold, it turned for wave 3 and a $1K plus jump. The question right now is did we just finish Wave 3 or was that the end of a Wave C ?

If the prices turns here at the .23 Fib or more likely the .38 Fib and goes North again that is a solid confirmation the prior move was a Wave 3, and this move down is Wave 4, and we still have wave 5 North to go.

If prices go down from here then what we thought was is a 12345 move (shown on the chart in blue) is actually an ABC move and we just finished wave C and prices are coming back down.

I do not think this is the case. I am very confident we are seeing wave 4 right now and heading higher later today. After wave 5 is complete, we wills see some sort of ABC correction at that point. That's not a guarantee, just my personal opinion based on the FIbs and the previous price action. So the short answer? We may see prices dip to around $10.1K this morning to complete the end of wave 4 and then go up for Wave 5. That is my best fortune telling prediction from what I currently see on the chart.
Para esclarecer, eu desenhei e ABC conta no gráfico mostrando a direção para baixo que o preço seguiria se isso fosse verdade. Eu não acredito atualmente que esta é a contagem. Acho que estamos na contagem 12345 azul escura que eu já desenhei. Se o preço se romper significativamente abaixo do .38 Fib, então a contagem ABC pode se tornar mais válida. Se isso não acontecer, eu estou aderindo à contagem 12345 para cima. Uma visualização de 1 hora de como isso pode funcionar se a contagem 12345 estiver correta.
Comentário: For clarity, I have drawn and ABC count on the chart showing the down direction the price would follow if this was true. I do not currently believe this is the count. I think we are in the dark blue 12345 count I have previously drawn. If the price breaks significantly below the .38 Fib then the ABC count may become more valid. If that does not happen, I am sticking to the 12345 count upward. A 1 hour view of how this might play out if the 12345 count is correct.
Bitcoin not can break 11,080 with conviction we should be off to the races! Come on Bulls!
If the bulls are not going to break higher than the 50% Fib right now, then something like this could play out next. Just posting this chart to see if it plays out.
Is this the count? I think so....
There is a good possibility we are done here with the ABC and may start working our way back up. Which makes sense because we really need to close this week over 10.4 or better to keep things positive going into next week.
Or this will just turn into one big wave 4 and we will still seek out the 50% Fib. Hard to say for sure. Obviously if we break higher into the previous wave structure then this was it.
As I suspected, the 78.6% Fibonacci is definitely on the table!!! Of course for this to be the turn we need to start breaking the Fibo in the Northern direction......
Trade ativo:
HEY DUDE! diamond bottom in formation keep Calm. It's perfectly running as planned. Fibo was respected.
Trade ativo:
Ok DUDES. Patience and calmness is the key to success in the MARKET. We are doing well Let's go up!
Now that we have clearly finished wave 5 of the previous move we are on Wave 1 of the current move. Wave 2 will often retrace as far down as the 61.8 or 78.6 Fib level of Wave 1

There is no certainty in the market. These are expectations!
The price goes where he wants to go. The market is sovereign just like God! We are not sure how long we will live. The price is like this. Odds. Expectations

Thank you
Trade ativo:

Corrected wave 1 at FIBO 76.8%! Now let's start climbing.
Creating wave 3 of wave 3 of this Fractal.
Trade ativo:
Good morning everyone!
We follow the main trend.The Dow Theory is in intacta an upward advances above a previous important high, accompanied or followed by a similar. Time Frame (Diario / Semanal) Intraday is noisy. Forget the noise. Here professionals and robots (AI) keep the trend.

Follows my vision for the short term. I'm totally bullish
I always mention patience is the key to success in the markets. Keep focus. Big money is here at PRIMARY TREND. Have a plan and follow it always.

God be with us today and always. Praised be the Lord my God!
It remains valid so long and the price does not break below and invalidates the count. If it does break below then my expectation would be to complete a larger 3 wave ABC down and start the new 5 wave count up from there. Unless and until this count gets violated I'm sticking with it. A 1 hour view of the current price action from the same chart above. It is quite incredible how the waves keep hitting their marks. I'm not saying I'm always counting it correctly, but there is no denying the patterns keep repeating according to the numbers.

*** STOP LOSS (9.499.99)

Good luck

God above all!
I was looking for the Bitcoin price to bounce off the Fibo and start a move higher. Although it did break the Fibo 78.6% the price quite made it down to the From Wave count. The price continues down to the start of the previous count creating a double bottom and complete Wave 5. Now that we have clearly finished wave 5 of the previous move correction We started a new 5 wave count to the north We finished wave 1 (78.6%) we are on Wave 2 of the current move. Wave 2 will often retrace as far down as the 61.8 or 78.6 Fib level of Wave 1. As you can see on this chart it looks like Wave 1 has topped out just over $10K and is pulling back to put in the bottom of Wave 2.

This is my current hypothesis. It remains valid so long and the price does not break below and invalidates the count. If it does break below then my expectation would be to complete a larger 3 wave ABC down and start count up from there. Unless and until this count gets violated I'm sticking with it.


it seems that you have right ... as far:) thanks for you chart! keep it work
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Nice analysis.
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