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How People Called Me RETARDED ? JUDGES ?

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin/Dólar Americano
April 13th - A Bearish Channel was spotted, signaling that it was not the best time to Buy, and that BTCUSD would hit a top resistance any time soon.

May 3rd - A Bull Trap was spotted in a double top .

May 4th - People called me RETARDED.

May 11th - Judges ?

For more information check the related charts below.

ADVICE: STOP LOSS is something everybody should use, everything is possible in this market. But, that's a responsibility a person should have with their money, I don't have the influence on that.

Feel free to: comment, suggest better ideas, ask questions inbox, help me improve, post a better chart on the comment, and GIVE A LIKE or FOLLOW.

New Trading Perspective

May 11
Comentário: I just love this world, because the person that has the power to decided what is going to happen, and who is retarded and who is not, is the MARKET.

I also love this Trading View, because once you post something, even a comment, you cannot undo it.

So history tells who people really are through the time.
May 11
Comentário: Well, I just thanked the guy that called me RETARDED. Really.

Because, that's what makes the MOVING WATER so Good, and it just proved that it is here to STAY.

Thanks for following.
May 11
Trade ativo: Any More Likes?
May 12
Trade ativo: 3rd TARGET HIT. $ 8313


Hahah I had this same thing happen spotted this shit and then I go to bitmex trying to tell everyone STEVES , the guy everyone adores, idea is wrong that we are going to 10k and they all call me stupid fa**ots
i give you like. love that at 10k where people called me retarded lol hahahahah love it. good chart
Want a cookie?
+2 Resposta
Predicted the bounce
lets go to 2k cuz i want cheap btc
+1 Resposta
hey genius

forekast Rainman2
@Rainman2, Lol this chart did not age well. How'd that play out for ya, genius?
So what is the next move for BTC?
+1 Resposta
MovingWater vbori001
@vbori001, thank you for your comment.

you can check the chart below

vbori001 MovingWater
@MovingWater, Bear market till middle of summer, that is not fun.
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